19. In Praise Of The Gentler Gender

It was disturbing for the Channel to watch a soccer match on television and see a large poster proudly displaying “(Name of soccer team), kids and then wife – in that order!”

That same afternoon the Channel was visited by a young man in his late twenties who was going through the break-up of an eighteen month relationship with the lady of his dreams.

The insight We gave the Channel was to explain that the “gentler gender”, the female of the human species, can be compared to a beautiful rose. The stem has thorns and leaves to protect it but the rose itself is beautiful, perfect in its composition, fragile, nurturing to insects who share its pollen, its petals open to display its essence – in trust – its fragrance is heavenly, a rose is gentleness personified.

A man can easily crush a rose under his heavy boot – negating the essence of what the rose is in one callous step. Many women are treated like that. Men are then human doings, not human beings. A man can purchase some roses to present to his date – hoping to gain some advantage. A man can purchase roses to enjoy their beauty in a vase, with or without his partner being present.

A man can grow roses, or see them in their natural state, or even put them in a vase and really appreciate them. A man can respect, admire, show off, praise, verbalise his feelings towards the rose. Most importantly, he can allow the rose’s fragrance and beauty to elevate him from the ordinary to the extra-ordinary. His Soul, his essence, can be aligned to the essence of the rose, and together he and the rose can be transported into the heart of God – sheer love – sheer bliss.

And so it is with a woman. Her essence is beautiful, fragile, trusting, nurturing, heavenly, gentleness. If a man does not treat a woman as a sex object or in some other functional way, and can recognise and admire her true essence and breathe in that essence, then man can start to discover what makes life truly worthwhile – to know love and to Be Love, be loved and beloved. To know love – to give and receive love – can only begin with RESPECT –
Recognising Each Soul Politely Ensuring Correct Tribute.
From respect can grow love. With love everything is possible. God is love. With God everything is possible.

To know love – Let Our Vulnerability Emerge, and then, Let Our Vibrations Evolve – is to know God.

So back to the poster at the soccer match and back to our forlorn young man breaking up with his true love.

How is the wife of the man responsible for that poster likely to react or respond to being ridiculed so badly? With love or with fear, hate and enmity?

How can the young man go back and restore his true love’s affections?

By treating a woman with love, respect, kindness, gentleness, fragility, honour and trust, by genuinely praising, verbalising your true feelings often, and by breathing in her fragrance, her essence, you can be transported to heaven on earth by knowing and experiencing being love, being loved and being beloved.

By being love you become a human being, not a human doing.
By being love you experience GAIN – God And I Now – in the loving embrace of your woman.
By being fear, such as the man responsible for the poster at the soccer match, you can only experience LOSS – Leaving Our Sacred Space and Leaving Our Self Sad.

Oh, by the way, the man’s soccer team was leading 2-1 and in the last minute of the match the other team scored to draw the match 2-2. So it will be with his wife – no wins, many losses and some draws.

To the young forlorn man – go back and treat your true love as you would a rose, and if you apply yourself correctly you will know, and, Be Love, be loved and beloved.

Do not deny yourself Who You Really Are – a Part of God. God is Love, you are Love.
Know love and experience GAIN – God And I Now.

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