16. Simply Be

Whatever you would want to have in your life

Simply Be.

If you want to be loved

Simply Be love

And others will respond with love.

If you want to have friends

Simply Be friendly

And others will respond with friendship.

If you want to be healthy

Simply Be healthy

Think healthily, act healthily, talk healthily.

The health that is inside of you will come out.

If you want to be abundant

Simply Be abundant.

Think abundantly, act abundantly, talk abundantly.

If you want to be affluent

Simply Be affluent.

Think affluence, act affluently, talk affluently.

Everything you want is inside of you.

Everything you desire you already have – inside of you.

You simply have to open a door to let it out.

And to let it manifest itself into your reality.

By setting your intention as to what you desire – you create the reality.

Your thoughts create your reality.

To Simply Be what you desire only has one rule.

No doubts – you have to fully commit yourself to Simply Be.

You cannot have a sliver of doubt.

You must firmly Be-come what you want to Be.

Choose your desire – fully commit yourself – Simply Become.

The Universe will deliver what you want to Become.

Your part of the bargain is to fully commit to Becoming it – without doubt.

Do you doubt this is possible?

Well let’s look and see how it works in the opposite.

When you feel unloved – are you unloved?

When you feel friendless – are you friendless?

When you feel sick – do you remain sick?

When you feel unworthy – do you feel unworthy?

When you have little money – do you remain poor?

Everything you Become is inside of you.

Yours thoughts, your actions and your speech manifest what you Become.

It’s easy to feel unloved, friendless, sick, unworthy and poor.

Conversely, it’s easy to feel loved, friendly, healthy, abundant and affluent.

You simply Become what you want to be.

Become it – fully commit yourself – have no doubts.

Simply Be.

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