Survival, Sustenance, Resourceful, Internalize, Respect, Forthright, Burdens

Survival: The camel has evolved as the epitome of survival in the harshest of conditions.

Sustenance: The camels hump stores fat and can create water oxidation of that fat.

Resourceful: With their ability to adapt, their ability to sustain themselves and their ability to survive, the camel, with its ungainly shape, is extremely resourceful. Can you see yourself needing to be more resourceful?

Internalize: The camels evolvement, survival and adaptation to its harsh surroundings enables the camel to protect its sight, hearing and its ability to breathe by closing itself off to the outside environment. By going inside it can remain centered in any circumstances. To assist you in centering yourself, see yourself as a camel with double rows of protective eyelashes, haired ear openings and the ability to close nostrils at will. Then go inside and remain centered.

Respect: The camels abilities demand respect and although docile and obedient, if mistreated, it will react adversely spitting, biting and kicking. This respect and honour the camel demands should be given to everything, living or not, on the earths plane.

Forthright: The camel demands justice and it is strong and forceful. With its dogged persistence the camel is not subtle in its approach, strongly encouraging you to trust your inner resources to succeed.

Burdens: Camels carry burdens for others. If you are carrying a burden for someone ensure that you are not robbing them of the experience of carrying their own burden and so learning to grow and evolve.

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