15. Giving And Receiving – The Bigger Picture

Once upon no time in Spirit some Souls were sitting around chewing the non-existent fat and talking.

One said: “I was looking at the records and I see that I have a hole in my Soul that needs repairing.”

“What hole is that?” said another Soul.

“Experiencing how to give unconditionally,” said the first Soul.

“Wow, you picked a tough assignment,” said another Soul. “I should know, I’ve tried it numerous times and I can’t seem to get it right on earth. Up here I see it clearly – nothing belongs to anyone. We go to earth with nothing and we come back here with nothing. While we are on earth we get amnesia – we forget. So that what we have and what we build up on earth we guard jealously in case someone should want to share in our bountiful blessings.”

Other Souls joined in the conversation and said the same message – “We also know that we have to fix a hole in our Soul – we also have to learn to acquire abundance and affluence and when asked to share it we have to learn to give unconditionally. But, this is a tough lesson to learn. I wonder who will help us learn this?”

From the back a Soul came forward. “I am prepared to go first,” he said. I’ll go back to earth. I’ll travel to the Middle East as a wanderer and I’ll write a book of poetry and in it I’ll give the life lesson of ‘Giving and Receiving’ so that the people on earth, Souls like all of you, can have a reference point to turn to when you need understanding. ”

“But you are so perfect. You have filled all the holes in your Soul. You deserve to stay here and teach us younger Souls and not have to be courageous and go back down to earth. Stay here and enjoy the peace you have earned,” said the one emphatic Soul.

“No,” said the very wise Soul. “I have already picked out a name for my next journey to earth.”

“And what is it? said another Soul.

“Kahlil,” said the departing Soul as he went to prepare himself for his new journey.

As he walked off he was working on his poetry. “Then” said the rich man, “speak to us of giving” and he answered…

The other Souls sat around in awe as the wise old Soul departed.
“Well,” said the first Soul to speak. “At least I’ll have a road map, if I remember!” he chuckled. All the Souls smiled because they all knew that feeling of amnesia when you reach earth. Your memory cells are there but the battery leads have to be connected through prayer and meditation, and understanding comes slowly as there are countless battery leads that need to be connected and stay connected before you start to remember all of it.

“So I am prepared to go back to earth and give unconditional giving a go,” said the first Soul. “I’ll join you,” said another Soul, and a few more plucked up the courage and soon there was a group of some 20 to 30 Souls all planning to go and fix this difficult hole in their Souls.

“Well, if we are all going to learn unconditional giving, we need someone to give to, someone who wants to be a receiver of unconditional giving,” said another thoughtful Soul.

“Wow, that’s a brave and courageous step for someone to take,” said a far-sighted Soul. “Why?” asked a more naive and inexperienced Soul.

“Well, someone has to go – choose parents who can provide a basis of wealth creation so they can build up wealth. They will have to experience meaningful loss at an early age – something traumatic like the loss of a parent – to see how they handle loss and to see if they are worthy of becoming receivers. Then, to further test themselves they will become prominent citizens, respected, admired, hard-working, charitable people. They will taste meaningful success and wealth and their pride and ego will grow. They will be blessed with a large family for whom they will be the hero, the bread winner, the provider, they will be respected and admired by their spouse, children, family and friends.

“And then they will choose to lose everything they have so they can experience the loss of earthly goods. This will be a great test to see if they deserve to be receivers.

“If they maintain their integrity, if they do not become angry, spiteful, resentful of others and their success, if they remain honest, loving, caring and giving of all the little they have then they can become worthy of being receivers.

“As receivers they will be at the mercy of others.

“They will become dependent on others to provide for them. They will be assessed by others to see if they are ‘deserving of the largesse’ others will favour them with. They will be rejected, they will be emotionally bruised and battered, they will face friends who talk giving but shy away when it’s time to give. They will face others who give but have an accounting book open at all times. They will face others who will boast about giving to them and make them feel embarrassed.

“They will attempt to provide for themselves so they are not dependent on the charity of others. But their plans will be frustrated because they must stay as receivers so others can try and try and try to go from unwilling, conditional givers to eventually becoming willing, unconditional givers.”

“Gee,” said the naive and inexperienced Soul. “To be a receiver requires one to be very brave and courageous to take all that abuse willingly so that others can learn how to give unconditionally. That is real love.”

“So, who will go to earth to carry out this amazingly courageous life of being a receiver?” asked the first Soul who originally started the discussion.

A voice came from the back and said, “I’ll go,” and all the Spirits swivelled around to see who would be so courageous – who would be willing to go as a “whipping boy” so that others could ultimately learn unconditional giving.

As the Spirit came to the front of the group an enquiring Soul said: “And what name will you choose?” The Soul said “I will look for a name when the time is right.”

“OK,” said the first Soul. “Let’s get our group of 20 to 30 Souls together to learn how to give unconditionally on earth.”

The Recorder of Souls arrived with his Record Book -“Please write your Soul name in The Book and the earthly names you choose next to it,” he said.

So, one by one the individual Souls wrote their names in the Record Book.

When it was time for the courageous receiver to write his earthly name in the book, he looked at the Souls’ names and their chosen earthly names.

He smiled to himself when he recognized who had chosen to learn about unconditional giving with him, being the receiver, of their attempts at learning. He wrote his earthly name down.

The recorder of Souls took the book and said “…….(Name), it’s time to get ready to go.”

Now it’s your turn to fill in the blanks. Who in your life is someone who has elected, or chosen, themselves to be the Receiver – so that others can learn to be Givers – then, hopefully, – Unconditional Givers.

Can you now start to see The Bigger Picture?

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