Transformation, Shapeshifing, Joy, Freedom, Dance, Pollinate, Now, Sensitive

Transformation: A butterfly, having come through the process of metamorphosis, transforms itself into a thing of beauty. When a butterfly appears in your life look for the opportunity being presented to enable you to change, to improve, to grow and to evolve.

Shapeshifting: The process of changing shape, or image, known as shapeshifting is perfectly illustrated by the emergence of the butterfly from its cocoon.

Joy: The butterfly, in all its short-lived splendour, brings joy, happiness and vivid colours into your life. Butterflies are frivolous, carefree, flighty and joyous to watch and be surrounded by.

Freedom: A butterfly in flight illustrates freedom to go where it wants to go.

Dance: Butterflies simulate dancing as they flit from flower to flower, branch to branch.

Pollinate: Butterflies pollinate as they flit from flower to flower feeding on flowers as they go.

Now: Most butterflies live for 7 14 days and appear to live in the present moment of now as they beautify the earth, momentarily, and then are gone.

Sensitive: Butterflies are sensitive to the environment and how eco-systems are damaged. The butterflies sensitivity to the change in harmony of the environment will, inevitably, see them depart for more harmonious pastures. A damaged butterfly signifies disharmony in your life.

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