14. Resolving Conflict Via Soul Level Approach

Your conflict is a tug of war. You are in the trenches, amidst the mud that is being slung – it’s ugly. You are pulling, they are pulling, and it’s exhausting. All this negative energy to defend Egos.

What would you give to stop this endless tug of war?

At ego-level, this war, this conflict, will go on and on and on. You will all be drained of your energy, your resources long before someone capitulates from sheer exhaustion, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial. The price of winning or losing will be very expensive as it all takes its toll.

There is another way to resolve conflict. The way of love not of fear. The way of the Soul not of the Ego.

When you are in the trenches, in the mud, straining away at your tug of war with your adversary, how would you like to simply let go of the rope and escape this draining conflict.

Then do it!

Let go of the rope, stop creating resistance and guess what will happen? Your adversary will be straining so hard in pulling on the rope that they will fall backwards, flat on their back!

Now what do you do?

How about raising your arms heavenward in prayer?

If your serious intentions in your prayer are for genuine resolution of this conflict then you need to ensure love enters this scene.

You will have to pray for yourself AND your adversary. You will have to pray for both, or all, your well-being. You will have to extend love, in prayer, to your adversary, for their well-being, their happiness.

While your hands are lifted in prayer, no longer holding the tug of war rope, envisage a helicopter above you trailing a rope down to you, over your head. You need to grasp that rope and pull you, and your loved ones if need be, up towards the helicopter.

The helicopter will lift you, and those holding your hands, and those holding their hands, to safety.

By the way, did you check to make sure your adversary/adversaries also held on to be lifted to safety.

A plateau is found where the helicopter drops all of you off, gently onto the ground.

Envisage that you both, or all, stand up and embrace each other in genuine love at Soul level. You are not dealing with their bodies, their Egos, only with their Souls.

Without talking at first, you all simply hug each other, at Soul level, listening to each others breathing and heartbeats. Your Souls are pure, there is only love no fear at Soul level.

Then while still holding each other in genuine loving embrace, you say, I’m sorry for all the pain I have caused you. I love you.

Envisage your former adversary at Soul level responding with No, I’m sorry for all I have put your through, I really love you.

With love replacing fear at Soul level you can both, individually or together, decide whether you want to stay together or go your separate ways, in love.

If you can genuinely give and receive love imagining your Souls communicating, rather than your Egos, then the conflict you had at ego-level will be seen to be so meaningless.

So now you have moved from fear of loss to love of GAIN (God And I Now). Now let Us return you to the physical world where your conflict is still playing itself out. Has your attitude towards your adversary changed at all? If it hast then your genuineness in intent in resolving this conflict at Soul level, with love, is in question. That is fine for now, you have simply made a choice, with its consequences still to follow, that you want to remain in conflict in the tug of war. You have free choice, free will.

If, however, your attitude has changed to surround your adversary with genuine intent of love then one of three things could happen:

1.Your adversary responds in love soon.

2.Your adversary eventually responds in love, after some extended time of unpleasantness.

3.Your adversary never responds in love.

In the first two scenarios, you resolve your conflict by using the Power of Love, by accessing your Souls love. In the third scenario, you must continue to come from love, while defending yourself. We do not ask you to be a martyr, or a victim. Firmly stand in your integrity, stand stall and proud, give RESPECT (Recognize Each Soul Politely Ensuring Correct Tribute), by respecting yourself first and foremost, and state, This is not acceptable to me.

If your adversary remains resolute you must keep coming from love but harbour no anger or hatred. This anger and hatred belongs to your adversary it does not serve you to respond with their anger and hatred. Keep coming from love, standing tall and proud and allow Spirit the opportunity to open your adversary’s eyes to love, self-worth and self-respect. Respond with Souls love not Egos fear. Trust Spirit to give you what you need when you need it to assist you in resolving this conflict.

Come from love and eventually your love will find a way. In this way you will lose nothing and gain everything.

Love will always find a way to resolve all conflicts. Fear cannot survive in the light of love.


To Release Unto Spirit Totally

To Rely Unto Spirit Totally

Trust the Process to unfold as it should

Stay in the Now

Be Love always and all ways

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