15. Everything You Need Is Inside Of You

You may not get everything you want but you will get everything you need.

Your needs will most probably not be what you would have wanted. The needs that you get make you heal, grow and evolve and if you have really benefited from this need you will achieve happiness and maybe even bliss.

The needs that you get may not always be pleasant. Who needs to experience “negative” things like loss, betrayal, so-called “accidents”, etc.? Everyone wants to experience gain, happiness, and other “positive” things.

Your Ego determines your wants.
Your Soul determines you needs.

Let’s deal with your wants first:

Your Ego says “I want to feel love from that person there that I am attracted to. I want to have him/her for myself. That person is highly desirable to me. If I have him/her I will feel much better about myself. If I have that person’s attention, physicality, admiration, co-operation, even perhaps their love, then I will feel great happiness.”

“What a feeling to have that person on my arm, making me look and feel better about myself, loving me, protecting me – what could possibly be better than having that person love me and me love him/her?” So, Ego enters into some sort of unwritten contract with that person. I will love you if you love me.

Okay, so what does that mean?

“Well, I will give you power over my heart, my emotions, my possessions of value – both material and non-material possessions. I will let you into my private space. I will give you my trust, my confidence, my everything. Take me I am yours, I entrust you totally and fully, I am vulnerable, nothing is held back, I’m yours.”

Wow – that’s some commitment!

But who are you entrusting here – some person you hardly know. What real background checks have you done, or had done, on this person? If you were entering into a commercial joint venture rather than an emotional joint venture no doubt you would have done some homework, some research into past relationships, past successes, past failures, interviewed a selection of people who have had dealings with this person, got references, done a credit check, looked at things carefully to make sure you were not going into this joint venture carelessly. Well, affairs of the heart and other emotions somehow do not “need” to be checked out – I trust my intuition!

You have laid it all on the line for this person. But this person has an Ego as well as a Soul – who have you fallen in love with John/Jane Ego or John/Jane Soul? When love is in the air and love is all around and everything is coming up roses, no doubt Soul is dominating Ego in that other person. If not, then they are very cleverly controlling and manipulating you – and it’s already too late to warn you!

So Soul is wearing a white wedding dress, top hat and tails and is all smiles and you are all merrily traipsing down the aisle.

What happens when Ego tries to restore the imbalance of Soul’s dominance? How is your true love, the keeper of your heart and emotions, going to “change”?

The divorce statistics don’t lie. Between 33% and 50% of marriages end in divorce, other marriages are mainly content but not really happy, certainly only a handful very happy and even less, blissful, after a few years together.

So, what happened to cause the nightmare? Ego happened!

With Ego having wants, and Soul providing needs, big gaps of Ego’s wants and aspirations never materialized.

So, Ego acted out its anger and frustrations and arguments, disrespect, irresponsible behavior, mistrust, betrayal and loss could have entered into the relationship. Well, if you are going to give your power, your love, your trust, your heart, your emotions away to someone else, you have to expect their Ego to come into play at some stage.

There is an alternative to falling in love with someone else.

Fall in love with your Soul inside of you.
Your Soul is pure Love – pure Unconditional Love.
Your Soul is part of God. God is Love – Unconditional Love.
So, if you want to only know bliss – which is happiness without a reason to be happy – and you want to ensure no disappointments then it’s simple – fall in love with yourself, at Soul level.

Learn to love yourself – not the parts of yourself created by your Ego, but the real You – at Soul level – the part of You that is God-like – your Soul.

Recognize the Soul like qualities you would like to experience. Love, kindness, caring, trust, confidentiality, laughter, happiness, enthusiasm, a feel good attitude, healing, growth. They are all feelings. Feelings are the language of the Soul.

Are you ready to start communicating with your Soul through your feelings? Well, We are going to make it easier for you to go past your very protective Ego so you can get to your Soul.

It’s time to use your imagination.
Imagine the kindest, sweetest, most loving, most caring, most trustworthy, happiest, blissful, enthusiastic, most wonderful person you know.

If you have not yet met that person in the physical plane you know as earth, then you will have to invent such a person with all those qualities. Is that most wonderful person taking shape in your imagination? You need to define it; if you like you can attempt to draw such a person. This is your most loving friend now, inside of you.

Some people might picture a loving mother or grandmother, which they might have had or wished they had had.

Let’s simplify it and call this most wonderful friend inside of you your grandmother as this will help you create a picture in your mind.

See your grandmother as pure Unconditional Love. There is nothing she won’t do for you; there is nothing she can’t do for you. Everything is possible. She represents your Soul, in simple picture form, and she, your Soul, is part of God. There is nothing God won’t do for you or can’t do for you – in Unconditional Love.

“Hi Grandmother. Thanks for helping me now. I have this pain, this wound below my ribcage in my solar plexus. I feel I have been kicked there emotionally and it’s sore when the person I gave my love to betrayed my love, I have been sore there ever since.”

“There, there,” says grandmother, “let me make you better. Imagine I am covering you with a blanket of Unconditional Love. You now feel warm, feel protected, feel the love inside of you spreading out from your heart. As your blood is pumped around your body, so a healing light accompanies the blood radiating from your blood vessels throughout your body.

Your whole body is now alive with a warm light healing every wound, every disease. You feel loved, protected, whole again. The pain is gone as you feel the unconditional love inside of you healing you completely.

The only parts of you that won’t be healed are the parts of you that your Ego does not want to be healed. Those parts of you your Ego wants to hold onto in anger and resentment waiting for payback retribution. Those parts, controlled by your Ego, will reject the healing warm light of Unconditional Love – until you allow Soul to enter and the Ego lets go. Your Ego sits in judgment of you and others. Your Soul is totally non-judgmental, non-manipulative and non-controlling. Your Soul is purely Unconditional Love. If you want to heal and grow then simply call on me – your grandmother, your Soul’s picture, to heal you again and again, and again.

You can call upon me all day, all night, at all times, I can be with you 24/7 as the new expression goes (pretty hip for a grandmother!)

Call upon me, thank me for coming, feel me from your inside, feel the sensations of the warmth, the light, the Unconditional Love that is me coming from your Soul inside of you.

The only love you need is the love inside of you – it’s Unconditional Love from your Soul. It will make you happy, eventually blissful and will never disappoint you.

When you are feeling happy with life, call upon me, your Soul’s picture, your grandmother, and together the warmth and light of the unconditional love, coupled with your happiness, will create bliss, if you let it happen. Always be watchful for your Ego, it might say to you, you don’t deserve this bliss but don’t let it be a party pooper. Keep calling on me, Unconditional Love, and your Ego will be blocked out.

Always look inside of yourself to find the Unconditional Love waiting there, waiting to be called upon by you, wanting to fill you with love, light and warmth.”

Everything you need is inside of you.
Simply call upon your grandmother – your picture of your Soul – the Unconditional Love inside of you, coming from your Soul, that part of God inside of you.

As that wonderful song says: “The greatest love of all is the love inside of me – learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all”.

Fall in love, and stay in love, with your Soul inside of you.

Everything you need is inside of you.

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