14. Be Still And Know That I Am God

Your life is busy. There are schedules, deadlines, commitments, responsibilities – and that’s on a quiet day! I don’t have a minute to myself. I am pulled in one hundred directions at once. I don’ have a chance to breathe!

Why what?
Why don’t you have a chance to breathe?
It’s hectic in my life – don’t you understand!
Why are you allowing it to be hectic?
If you were out of the picture tomorrow what would happen?

It would be bedlam, of course. Everything would unravel; you don’t know how I am needed by everybody.

And then?
And then what?

After the bedlam, after everything unravels, when people can’t count on you anymore because you are no longer there for them, what happens then?

I’d hate to think what it would be like.

Well, I suppose eventually they would sort themselves out and they would manage, somehow. Obviously not as well as when I was running things but, after a fashion, they would manage somehow.

Good, now let’s get there, to them managing somehow – without you.
What do you mean?

From today onwards you are not available for everyone, all the time. Tell them you need an hour for yourself. Identify which hour and let the relevant people know – between, say 6am and 7am is my time for me. Fix your own breakfast; get ready yourself for the day. This hour belongs to me.

Now that wasn’t difficult to do, was it? Now stick to it!

Welcome to your own hour. It’s 6am and you are going to settle in comfortably and learn to – BE STILL!

When you start you will find it difficult to stop your mind churning out thoughts. Your Ego controls your mind; your mind controls your thoughts. Ego is feeling threatened by this “Being Still” business. Ego encourages your mind to churn away at your thoughts – feed the kids, walk the dogs, do the laundry, that report is due on Friday, etc., etc. – let each thought go – do not engage it and give it life, let it go spinning past you into space.

After a long time eventually with no response or reactions, your thoughts will start slowing down as they go unanswered. Eventually a time will be reached, in days, weeks or even months when there will be no Ego, no mind, no thoughts, simply nothing – no thing to distract you.

You will feel emptiness – nothingness. A void.

You will not hear, you will not see, you will not taste, you will not smell, you will only FEEL.

The FEELING is one of emptiness but connectiveness.

You will feel a WARMTH. This warmth becomes a light. The light’s power is coming from within the light. The light starts to move by its own motion and starts to defy gravity – it moves upwards, then sideways, then around, then upwards, then wherever it wants to go.

You feel that you are something. What are you?
You are not alone there is Something here with you.
That is why you are feeling Something.
You feel light and you are light.
You feel part of Something and Some One.

This Something / Some One you feel part of is a wonderful feeling. It feels comfortable, very nice, very easy, very full, very warm, very light, very empowering, all powerful, this feeling is expanding. It’s filling the room, it’s filling the home, it’s filling the sky, it’s filling the world, it’s filling the universe, and it’s filling every universe.

It feels amazing, it’s the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt. I feel a part of It. I look up and down, across and around. I feel a part of this huge Something. I feel totally trusting, I feel Love like I have never felt before – it’s Unconditional Love – so empowering, so caring, so sharing, so beautiful.

What am I feeling?
Well, feelings are the language of the Soul.
You are feeling your Soul.
You are feeling your Soul, as it exists as part of God.
When you feel your Soul, you can come from Love – from Unconditional Self Love.

Now anything is possible. Everything is possible for God to do. Well, you are part of God so everything is possible for you to do – providing you come from Unconditional Self Love – come from your Soul – come from God.

This feeling is the greatest feeling you have ever felt.

No addiction, no alcohol, no drug, no sex, no rock-‘n roll, can come close to this amazing feeling of Unconditional Self Love, from Soul, from God.

All you did was to learn to BE STILL.

You allowed your thoughts to eventually vanish.

You allowed your Ego controlled mind to eventually have no power over you.

You went beyond thought.

You allowed your Soul to be found, recognized and set free to lead you eventually to feel God.

What a feeling!

No special coaching, apparel, courses, teachings, postures, breathing techniques, artificial stimulants, special trips, holy places, rituals, religious artifacts, special paraphernalia – nothing but learning to BE STILL and know that I am God!

Feel you again real soon.
Feelings are the language of the Soul.
The Soul is part of God.
Feel you again tomorrow at your special hour.

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