15. Circumstances Don’t Change, People Do

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, look for the opportunity to be Love and not to be Fear. It is not the circumstances that need to change; it is you who needs to change from Fear to Love.

In all instances, the circumstances that you find yourself in have already happened or are probably unfolding now. They are not going to change.

You certainly can’t change the past.

Your prayer to God should be to change you, not the circumstances, or your lives. Be responsible. Have the ability to respond by changing your attitude, your intentions and your belief system from one of coming from Fear to one of coming from Love.

Then watch the circumstances change from Fear to Love.

This will change you from feeling separate to feeling Oneness. This is the ultimate transformation!

This is the greatest miracle of transformation that you will ever witness your empowerment, with God’s help, from the illusion of feeling alone to the reality of feeling ALL ONE.

When you feel ALL ONE, Inner Peace is present.

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