14. Relationships Are Eternal

As a Soul, you are a member of a Soul group in Spirit. These other Souls are your Soul mates and invariably some of them travel with you in your various and numerous visits to the earth plane.

In turn, you accompany some of these Soul mates on their visits to earth where you all become Spirits within bodies.

These Soul mates are with you for a very long time you may even say, eternally, on many visits to this earth plane as well as in the Spirit plane and in other dimensions, which We do not want to go into now.

What is important for you to know is that many of your current relationships are eternal. Different Souls take different roles in different life spaces. For example, in different journeys to the earth plane, a son can be a mother, a father a sister, a neighbour an employer, a servant a master, etc.

Relationships are created to assist the process of healing, growing and evolving as Souls on your Souls journey through eternity towards the Light, which some perceive to be God.

The Law of Karma creates a karmic balance for all your thoughts, words, deeds and actions. The Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Consequences, and many other Universal Spirit Laws all relate to the biblical saying You reap what you sow.

Certainly this occurs, within one lifetime, if you are fortunate, and more often, it occurs in other lifetimes.

Our message continually on GuideSpeak.com and in other channelled work is What Would Love Do Now?

With this conscious awareness that you should Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you, you can now become consciously aware that what you think, say, do and act to yourself and others will be mirrored back to you in this lifetime, or in other life spaces.

Nothing is escapable in eternity, karmic laws have infinite patience.

Therefore, the choice is always yours, in your free will, Love or Fear.

What would Love do now? or
What would Fear do now?

Do not fear separating from a relationship if it is done in Love and healing. Relationships are eternal so closure of a relationship is simply another chapter in this eternal relationship.

If you can bring closure without hurt, you honour the eternal nature of the relationship. By acknowledging that the relationship has served its purpose and you both need to go on your separate journeys now for both of your healing, growth and evolvement, then respect is shown. The pure Love that you are requires complete healing at closure.

Treating the other person in the relationship with disrespect, with dishonour, as a second-class citizen, does not serve you or them best. This inability to being Inner Peace will retard successive relationships poisoning them with the anger and hatred that remains within you as no successful closure has been achieved.

Honour, respect, admire and do not deny Love to your partner as you end that relationship. Thank them for your journey together and bless them with peace and Inner Peace. Then you too will know Inner Peace.

For Inner Peace choose Love for this lifetime and for eternity and then you will understand why certain Masters who have walked this earth plane have talked about having your rewards in heaven. You can know heaven on earth if you Be Love, Who You Really Are, a part of God. Inner Peace is assured.

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