16. Communicating With Love

If you are Love then before you communicate with anyone, verbally or non-verbally, say to yourself about them I love you.

When you say this to yourself, inside, your eyes carry this attitude of Love to the person, or people, you are about to communicate with.
Even before they have heard your words, or seen your actions, they have got the message I love you.

If you believe in Oneness then there is only One Mind. By you saying, inside, I love you, the One Mind has already signified that to the recipient of your potential communication, in advance of the words being said or action being undertaken.

This is, of course, easy to do if you are dealing with friends. However, to say, I love you to a potential enemy or adversary requires special Love.

However, the results are even more spectacular when your potential adversary melts in Love when they feel your Love.

Listen first, say I love you, inside, and then speak your Love inside of you will come pouring out.

When you communicate in Love you feel Inner Peace.

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