14. BULL

Fertility, Strength, Stubbornness, Nourishment, Provider

Fertility: The bull symbolizes fertility. The strength of the bull, its mating with numerous milk producing cows, endows it with the reputation of fertility.

Strength: Mythology and folklore depict the bull in a number of cultures. The bull, due to its strength, was symbolized as the sun. The bull has been worshipped in many cultures due to its masculine strength and leadership qualities. Can you assume a bull-like presence when it serves you best to show your masculine strength and leadership abilities.

Stubbornness: The bull has been known to be stubborn and unyielding. However, it is possible to be strong and stable without being stubborn and unyielding. You can stand your ground providing you are reasonable.

Nourishment: The bull is a major contributor of red meat protein to meat eating people and members of the greater animal kingdom.

Provider: The skin of the bull is used for shelter, clothing, and parts of its body has various other useful attributes. The bulls horns are used for decorative and protective purposes.

To have the strength of a bull and the compassion of a cow is a wonderful combination.

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