13. Entitled To Be Happy

Happiness is your birthright from your Creator. You are entitled to be happy always and all ways.

Can you imagine always being happy?

Can you see yourself always smiling, laughing, enjoying yourself always being happy?

Is there a reason or are there reasons that you can’t always be happy?

Who says you can’t always be happy, you, your relationship partner, your family members, your friends, your work colleagues, who?

Your Ego wants to control your mind so it may have convinced you that you should fear happiness because it is not who you are. Your Ego might want you to feel that you do not deserve to be happy and if you are happy, you should feel guilty. True happiness is a by-product of Love.

This threatens Ego, which is Fear.

When you feel true happiness, you are feeling the Love inside of you; you are experiencing being a Part of God. You are being happy on behalf of God. True happiness is a sign that you are following Gods will for you, enjoying your birthright from God.

You are entitled to feel happiness always and all ways. True happiness leads to unconditional self-love. Unconditional self-love leads to Inner Peace.

Don’t worry in Fear, by happy in Love, know Inner Peace.

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