Abundance, Storage, Embrace Life, Gratitude, Sacrifice, Effortless Ease

Abundance: Buffalo (Asia and Africa), Bison (North America) provide abundance to man. Its meat provides sustenance, its hide clothing and shelter, its bones and sinew are fashioned into tools for survival. The buffalo/bison symbolizes abundance and gratitude, the sacredness of life. With an attitude of abundance, no matter how little you have, and an attitude of gratitude, your life will appear to be blessed with sacredness.

Storage: The buffalo/bisons hump at shoulder level provides a reservoir of sustenance. It’s always useful to create a nest egg for tougher times which may be ahead.

Embrace Life: The strong shoulders carry the burdens of life as well as carrying the rewards of life, responsibility and happiness well balanced. Can you balance your responsibility with happiness and can your happiness be balanced with responsibility?

Gratitude: When seeing or imagining a buffalo/bison express gratitude for all you have, respect the path others have chosen and stand in your integrity recognizing you, like the buffalo/bison, are part of nature, part of God.

Sacrifice : The buffalo/bisons sacrifice to provide food, shelter, clothing and tools to man enables man to be of service to his fellow man, wherever practically possible, providing opportunities for food, shelter, clothing and equipment.

Effortless Ease: Expectations that you will be given what you need, when you need it, requires you to put in the effort needed and stay out the results. With effortless ease abundance will flow at the appropriate time providing you are consciously aware, genuinely grateful and you do all that is required to create your abundance. Eventually, with effortless ease, abundance will flow if you TRUST To Release Unto Spirit Totally and To Rely Unto Spirit Totally.

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