13. The Face In The Picture


A picture of two young men was taken and developed. Behind one young man is an unusually looking face without a body! This young man’s one arm is in a plaster cast. Around his injured arm is a healing aura. The unusual face – without a body, has provoked many expressions of belief and disbelief.


Blessings and Greetings to you all,

My name is I.A.W.I.AI Am What I Am.

What consternation, what an opening! The face in the picture that you see is a mirror of what you are now. If you see me as Evil – what is evil in your life now? If you see me as Fearful – what is fearful in your life now? If you see me as something Good – what is good in your life now? If you see me as Love – what is love in your life now? I am what I am!

To some people I am trick photography – that may be so; to other people I am a first sign of something that they have always felt.

That they are not alone.

That there is Something with them always, and all ways.

They have never felt comfortable acknowledging the feeling to themselves, let alone to even their best friend.

Let Me assure you, you are never alone; there are always Unseen Entities who are with you to guide you, to protect you, to give you Unconditional Love. These Unseen Entities some people call their Angels and their Guides. The names are not so important, what is important now is that you are now aware, through this picture that has provoked so much comment, that you are surrounded by Unconditional Love. Should you wish to experience the power of this Unconditional Love, simply, call to these Unseen Entities and thank them for being with you – and then see how you feel.

Feelings are the language of the Soul. Now you can start to access your Soul, your Soul is part of God. God is Unconditional Love, your Soul is part of that Unconditional Love and when you access your Soul, you have the ability to feel and become Unconditional Self Love.

At present, when you see the picture, it is your Ego that is responding and reacting to this strange phenomenon. Your Ego (Edging God Out) is stopping you from accessing your Soul. The purpose of the picture is to create awakening for you to start your journey to discover your Soul and ultimately to feel and become Unconditional Self Love.

You have freedom of choice, the Unseen Entities are non-judgmental, non-manipulative, non-controlling and are Unconditional Love. They will not interfere with your freedom of choice. This message, this face in the picture is designed to open the door for you to privately decide whether now is, or is not, the time for you to acknowledge the presence of these Unseen Entities in your life and so commence your journey for ultimate happiness, peace of mind, as you start to discover Unconditional Self Love.

We end this message with blessings and greetings, I am what I am and I am how you wish to interpret me. However, I remain I am what I am – no matter what your interpretation may be. Thank you for opening the door to the purpose of your life – the quest to feel and become Unconditional Self Love. Amen and Amen.

Do you have any questions?

Question: Yes, I do. Are you menacing as my friends say you are?

Answer: I Am What I Am, if you see evil what is evil in your life? For those who see me as a victim of an accident, I ask what is the accident in their life that they keep reliving, for everything here is an attitude. What you see in the mirror is the attitude you bring to this vision.

Question: What do you mean by freedom of choice?

Answer: Everyone and everything has a freedom of choice. Even those in prison have a freedom of choice to be imprisoned or enable their mind to set them free. While their body may be imprisoned, their mind, their thoughts and that which occurs beyond thought can be as free as a bird in the sky.

Question: Why did you appear in this picture?

Answer: If I appeared in a photo of a Rabbi’s son, that would mean I was exclusively available for one religion, implying that that religion is more powerful than other religions. I purposely chose to be reflected in a picture of a young man who is the union of a Jewess and a Gentile. I belong to no one sect or religion, spirituality knows no confines. Because the disbelieving would be best marketing agents to create the awareness of this picture they were selected to start peoples journeys. Even if this is trick photography, which some people believe, it still has the ability to awaken the consciousness and spur some people to commence their journey to ultimately discover the unconditional love inside themselves.

I.A.W.I.A asks: What would happen if you type this up and hand it out?

Answer from the Young Man at the Channeling Session:

A lot of fear and mocking.

Reply from IAWIA: You would be expelled from your school. We cannot call upon you to be Abraham who went into the Temple to destroy the Idols. You have this knowledge for yourself, young man. When people ask, who are genuinely interested, like your friend Nathan and perhaps one or two others, you can give it to them but not on the school premises, give it to them socially as a channeling given through your father. You can give this to your friends who are genuinely interested.

Do not defend Us. You’re merely a distribution agent.

Beware there will be those who make this into a major issue, however, this is a channeling done through your father after you requested of him what the picture means as you found yourself defending the Spirit World at school. You must understand that this has nothing to do with school. As Abraham destroyed the Idols in the Temple, so this message will have a similar impact in a school like yours. This is not your destiny. Be careful but know that this is the Truth. You do not have to defend the Truth; the Truth does not need defending.

Question from the mother at the Channeling Session: Can my brother, sister-in-law and the mother of the child in the photo be given this explanation?

Answer: Yes, it can be typed up and distributed to those who require answers but cannot be distributed at school.

In closing, for those to whom the face in the picture is the starting point of their journey, simply know that you have felt Us in your life and We are always here to love you, protect you and guide you, however, you always have freedom of choice. Now you can choose whether you wish to believe that this face in the picture is opening a door for you for your journey to Unconditional Self Love or is trick photography. The choice is yours, as always. There is nothing to fear as you begin your search for Unconditional Self Love within.

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