The word MEAN has numerous meanings. For example, three of many meanings are:

  • Mean infers interpretation of something.

  • Mean infers scarcity in giving, as in stingy, tight fisted, etc.

  • Means infers a measurement as in Greenwich Mean Time, statistical mean, etc.

So if MEAN is not easily understood to be only one thing, how can you expect the Meaning of your life to be clear cut?

In The Book of Evolving Relationships, Lesson 10, The Meaning of Chocolate Cake – Understanding Conflict Resolution, We explained that the only meaning something has is the meaning you give it.

What Comes After ME?

If We start with the word MEAN and separate it, as We have done before with other words to show you another form of interpretation, then We separate ME and AN.

If you start to look for the interpretation, ME could be the scarcity of being unconcerned with anyone else but you. Me, me, me is a common call of many people on the earth plane. The five fingered statement – What’s in it for me? is commonly expressed in words, gestures, attitudes and has developed into a belief system for many. Me people believe in a scarcity mentality, they believe that there is not enough to go around for everyone so they grab what they can for themselves, unconcerned about others.

They can be described as ME AN nobody.

What Comes After AN?

So the question that starts to emerge is “What comes after AN?”

The meaning of your life hinges on that question!

If you are looking for the interpretation of the meaning of your life then the answer will come when you decide what comes after AN.

For example, ME AN You; ME AN You, and You, and You, and You; ME AN the Universe.

In this example you can understand that starting with ME and ending with ME AN the Universe takes you from scarcity to abundance.

Simply by deciding what you are going to add after ME will determine the meaning of your life.

If you are only a ME person and nothing comes after ME then nothing will be attracted to you, willingly at least. The meaning of your life will be self-obsession.

What you decide to come after ME will determine what meaning your life has.

ME AN the person next door, ME AN the people in town, ME AN the world.

What is MEANING?

Now We are going to take you to another understanding, another interpretation of the word – MEANING.


The meaning of your life is that you (ME) AN (are) IN G(OD).

The meaning of your life is that you are in God – that you are a Part of God as We continually tell you:

God is Love.

You are a Part of God.

You are Love.

How awesome is that! How abundant is that! How meaningful is that.

If you can live your life knowing that you are a Part of God, if you can live your life knowing that God is Love, then you can live your life knowing that you are Love.

If the meaning you give your life is the meaning of Love, Now, your life has the true meaning.

Let Our Vibrations Evolve.

What do We mean by the meaning of your life is to be Love?

LOVE means Let Our Vibrations Evolve.

All We/we are is vibrations.

A rock has a very low and slow level of vibration. A rock creates a foundation on which to build, and a rock comprises of sand which is used as an invaluable building material.

At the other end of the vibrational spectrum, at the highest level of vibration, is the Light some call God.

Every level of vibration has a meaning and vibrational levels are not judged as important or unimportant. Every vibrational level creates something of importance in the structure of the universe.

For example Us, as your Spiritual Guides, have a much higher vibrational level than you do on the earth plane. When Souls return to the earth plane to reincarnate into physical bodies they have to slow down their vibrational levels substantially.

That is why We say you come from Love, from God, as a Part of God, because your Souls have known the vibrational level of the God/Love spectrum. Your meaning in this lifetime is to increase your vibrational level to re-member what Love is. You do this by allowing yourself to Be Love, to be beloved and to experience Love. You then return to becoming the Member, the Part of God you really are.

So that’s how you become more spiritual, more like Spirit, and that gives your life the meaning it is supposed to have :

ME AN IN G(OD) – You are in God – You are a Part of God, God is Love, You are Love.

The meaning of your life is to become more Godlike and you do that by Being Love. As We have told you before, you think, act, say and do:

“What Would Love Do Now?”

Finding Meaning in Daily Routines.

So much for the meaning of your life, in spiritual terms, but how do you give your life such meaning in your day to day existence in the physical plane you call earth?

Let Us assume that your life is one that you do routinely, and you may say is routinely boring. Each day, more or less the same, blending into each other, day by day, week after week, month after month, year after year. How do you bring Love into this routinely boring day to day existence?

You awake from your sleep, still tired, longing for more sleep. You drag yourself to your bathroom to do your ablutions and get washed and clothed for the day ahead. You head for the kitchen to make some breakfast, feed the family, do the dishes, get everyone off to school and work, stay home to tend to the house or go to work. If you stay home the drudgery of house work is unrewarding and no sooner do you get things neat and clean then the family return to mess things up.

If you go to work the commute is slow, frustrating and unpleasant. At work it’s the same routine stuff then you crawl home in the traffic, make supper, watch TV and go to bed.

Where is the meaning in this life you ask yourself often enough.

Having an Attitude of Gratitude.

The meaning of your life depends on your Attitude of Gratitude. This has been well covered on GuideSpeak.com and We suggest you use the search engine facility to research this topic.

If you can do everything you do with Love in your heart, Love of yourself and Love of your Loved ones, then every thought, word and action is done with the intention of expressing the Love that you feel in every action of the day.

When you awake your first thought is one of gratitude to be alive to enjoy this day to its fullest. You get out of bed with an attitude of “seizing this day” and making it a most memorable, enjoyable day. When you go through your cleansing and dressing for the day ensure that you look as good as you can with what you have got. Elevate yourself and elevate your vibrations with a sense of pride and enjoyment of who you are. You make your bed as neatly as possible as a sign of respect and honor for the bed that supports your need for a restful sleep every night. You put your clothes away in your cupboard, clean your room ensuring that your increasing vibrations can resonate throughout your room without blockages of things lying around. Your room is your sacred space desiring to be respected and honored to allow your vibrations to evolve. This allows your self-worth to develop further. This allows the ME of MEANINGful to emerge in a positive vibrationally growing way.

Increasing your Vibrations of Love.

Now that you have cleared your sacred space you can venture past your door to start adding the AN of MEANINGful. You open your door and the first person you greet is likely to be a member of your family. Instead of ignoring or grimacing at them, open your arms wide and give them a big hug and a smile, telling them that you Love them. A HUG means Hi Unto God and increases your vibrational energy.

If possible, walk hand-in-hand or arm-in-arm towards your kitchen to prepare food for the day. This food should be acknowledged, respected and thanked for giving its life for your consumption and physical energy. By adopting a positive Attitude of Gratitude you and your family grow your vibrational energy to evolve as your Love increases towards each other, your food, your home, your family and into the Universe.

If everything you do for yourself and your family is with Love then you seek a higher level of perfection in giving what you do with Love. This giving of Love is done from the inside out, not for the appreciation and recognition from others, but because of your Love for them and for their enjoyment of what you do and provide for them. Your inner satisfaction of giving them Love raises your vibrational frequency of increasing Love in your life.

By doing this without seeking outside thanks enables you to realize that you are Love and your thoughts, words and actions enable you to add to the vibrational quality and quantity of Who You Really Are – a Part of God, a Part of Love because God is Love.

By recognizing that when you give Love to yourself and your family, you feel so much meaning in your life, this meaning is that you Love being Love – Who You Really Are. You and your family are giving you the opportunity to become and feel Who You Really Are. Their thanks are unnecessary, your feelings of your Love inside of you recognizing that You Are Love is the real reward.

When you prepare food with Love in your heart and a smile on your lips your family will feel that Love and consume it as they eat.

Your Love has now been transferred inside of your family and becomes the true nourishment that you are providing.

With the same attitude you can sit in the traffic using this time to think to yourself or talk to your Loved ones in loving tones. Your thoughts, words and actions will determine what lies ahead for you this day. If you come with Love you will be greeted with Love. If you come with fear you will be greeted with fear.

That is the meaning that you decide for yourself by adding the words of ME AN –


Seek to Be Love.

That will determine whether your life has meaning because if you can choose ME AN IN LOVE, ME AN IN G(OD), then your life has meaning.

Seek every opportunity, moment by moment, to be Love and so increase your vibrations. When your vibrations have increased to a level that your every thought, word, deed and action is “What Would Love Do Now?” then you become Love.

If you have Love in your life, by Being Love always and all ways, then your life has meaning. By returning to the Love That You Are – as Part of God – then the meaning of your life has been fulfilled. You are MEANT to be Love always and all ways.

BE LOVE -Let Our Vibrations Evolve.

That is the true MEANING of your life.

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