Forgiveness is non-negotiable. If you do not forgive you will not heal yourself. If you do not heal yourself you will suffer and know pain. If your inability to forgive persists over a long period you will begin by being ill-at-ease within yourself, and eventually you will be diseased and this could lead to long-term suffering, and possibly the death of your body, with your Soul passing over into Spirit.

Now, what was it that was so terrible that you could not forgive either yourself, someone else, or something else?

You have free will. We will not interfere in your choices, however, We are always, and all ways, available to guide you in your choices.

Because the inability to forgive is so poisonous to your well-being We are going to give you 30 keys to understand and apply forgiveness so you can grow through the experience, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically, by not harming yourself.

1. For Giving is For Receiving healing for yourself now.

2. To forgive is not about the other person, people, or events that may have damaged you in some way. It’s only about for giving you an opportunity to heal by replacing the fear you have with Love.

3. Everything you do you do for yourself. You may think it’s for others but ultimately it affects you either positively or negatively.

4. Your ultimate personal empowerment is your ability to change your mind.

5. Whatever caused the situation in your life that requires you to change your mind and “let it go” via forgiveness has already occurred – in the past.

6. It is most probably not occurring now. It happened in the past. The past is tense! The past is over – it’s history. The past is never coming back to affect you – only if you let it.

7. The past is only a thought in your mind. You can empower yourself to change your mind about the past and how it is affecting you right up to this present moment of Now.

8. If you allow this past to persist into the present moment of Now then your Now moment will be poisoned and your future moments will be damaged by this poisonous environment.

9. It is now time for giving you the opportunity to heal yourself by changing your thought processes.

10. It is now time to select your memories. Only select the memories where Love was present in your life. Let go of the memories where fear dominated your life. You have the power to change your mind. You can move miraculously, from fear to Love. You can look at every situation now with an attitude of thoughts, words and deeds being “What Would Love Do Now?”

11. How long do you want to suffer for? Something was done in the past but it’s not being done now to you. See the people, or situations, that are showing up now. The people have probably moved on, grown up, seen the mistakes they appear to have made in the past. If they are not negatively affecting you now, other than you affecting you with your negative memories about them, then see them for who they are now, not as they were in the past. Now it’s your opportunity to change your mind about them and see them as they are now allowing you to move from fear to Love. For giving you the opportunity to heal yourself, in Love, with Love.

12. What about when it was you who damaged yourself. How do you forgive yourself for something you did in your past? You change your attitude. Your attitude is that you made a mistake. Lighten up on yourself – it wasn’t a mistake, it was a “learning experience”. You found out what not to do. You learnt from it. It’s only a mistake if you did not learn from it and you repeated it. For giving yourself a pat on the back for learning from it. For giving yourself an opportunity to grow from it. For giving yourself an opportunity to come from Love, Love of yourself. For giving yourself an opportunity to heal yourself, in Love of yourself.

13. What about when you did it, and possibly still do it, continually, mistake after mistake, after mistake. We will get to that in the next point.

14. OK, so some of you are already convinced and are ready to forgive in the understanding of “for giving you an opportunity to heal in Love of yourself”. However, others of you are not. Your grievances run deep. You want justice, you want vengeance, you want revenge, you want blood to spill, you want the other person to suffer like you have suffered, only worse. Forget about forgiveness, I want them to be in pain like I have known pain. Forgiveness is for weaklings. I want to hear them scream in pain!

Even if it’s me who hurt myself, I want “me” to scream in pain. Welcome to the world of addiction. No one can hurt you like you can!

15. So, let’s discuss pain and where it comes from.

PAINPast Anger In Now, or if you prefer

PAIN Personalized Anger Internalized Negatively


Either way it hurts!

Where does the pain come from?

Let’s start at the beginning – Who You Are?

You are a Part of God. God is Love. You are Love.

When you deny yourself Love, when you are denied Love from another or when you deny Love to another, you know pain. The emotional pain you feel is the denial of Love. It’s painful when you are not Who You Really Are – which is Love. If you are not Love then you are Fear. When you are Fear you are afraid. Being afraid causes emotional distress. Enough emotional distress and pain is felt emotionally. Feelings are the language of your Soul. Your Soul is Love – when you are not Love your Soul cannot show you Who You Really Are. When you are not Love/Soul you are Fear/Afraid/Painful.

16. In your denial of feeling Love you are in pain. This is the pain you feel when either you, someone or something else, has hurt you – by denying you Love. They did this damage by words or actions, or both. They abused you, angered you, made you feel worthless. They denied you Love, made you full of fear, made you afraid, caused you pain – made you believe that you were not worthy of Love.

17. So now you want justice, vengeance, revenge, blood. You want them to suffer pain like you have suffered pain, even worse.

And then what? After you have extracted everything you want from this vengeful action how do you think you will feel – full of Love or full of fear? Can you sleep with one eye open for the rest of your life waiting for them to exact their counter revenge? Are you going to be full of Love, or full of fear? If it’s fear and it’s bound to be, living in fear, afraid, will simply worsen the pain you have been feeling. Now you will know pain for a very long time. An eye for an eye can make the whole world blind! This is bad enough when it’s between you and someone else. But when you exact this revenge on yourself it’s like self-mutilation.

18. So if We can’t convince you spiritually, We have to use tactics you can understand better. If you continue to choose to deny Love to yourself and to others, then for giving yourself endless pain is definitely not forgiveness – it’s madness! The Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Karma, will be instantly in action as you trade blow for blow with your adversary. No one wins a war, the “winner” is the one who loses less than the other “loser”. Both are losers, both suffer pain, both know fear and death, affecting generations to come.

When so much fear abounds, so much hate, so much anger, so much retribution, it breeds so much unhappiness, so much dis-ease, so much disease, so much death.

All it took was for Love to be denied.

How easy it is to change – Love your neighbor as yourself -think, act, say, do “What Would Love Do Now?”

19. If you choose Love, pain will disappear. If you deny Love, pain will be present. In every moment of Now you are choosing to offer Love or project fear. It’s your free will. Our guidance will always be to choose Love because Love is all there is – everything else is an illusion. If you choose to live in the illusion, you choose to live in fear, then you will know pain.

20. Now you can understand that everything you do you do for yourself. If you choose to forgive yourself an opportunity to heal in Love you need to forgive yourself or the other person/people or things. By choosing to forgive you only have to open your heart and give them forgiveness. They do not have to even be aware of your forgiveness. Everything you do you do for yourself.

When you offer your forgiveness simply pray for their well-being and sincerely state “I forgive you for (———-)”. This will release the fear from you, the pain from you and allow you to return to Being Love – Who You Really Are. You will know Love, freedom, lack of pain. You will know happiness and, in time, bliss.

21. Now that We have shown you, at a practical level, why and how to deal with forgiveness We would like to return to our Spiritual roots and show you some more Spiritual understanding and applications of forgiveness. As you return to Being Love this knowledge will elevate your Spiritual growth when you understand and apply it.

22. To err is human, to forgive is divine, is an old, true, saying. The forgiveness We talk about is for giving you an opportunity to heal and for giving you an opportunity for receiving Love, Love of yourself, and to know God’s Love. For you to return to being Who You Really Are – at Soul level – Pure Love.

23. How do you deal with yourself or the other person or people or things which denied you Love and damaged you that you required forgiveness?

We need to remind you of Soul Contracts so that you can distinguish between a person’s Soul and their body in the physical earth’s plane of existence. Please go to the Book of Evolving Relationships – Lesson 46 – The Three Commitments to Yourself – No.1 Trust the Process. This lesson explains Soul Contracts.

Accepting that you have referred to this lesson then you can see that the Soul is eternal and the body is a temporary housing of the Soul for this journey of the Soul to the Earth’s plane of existence.

This body is a mask, a costume, an illusion, a charade, a part in a play acting out Soul Contracts in a per-determined manner so that Spiritual growth for all Souls involved here can occur.

The body that is the attacker, the abuser, the damager, etc., is only playing a character part in the illusion of life’s play. The Soul occupying this body is very courageous to agree to play such a negative person’s role. The physical body and its mind, personality and Ego are even more courageous in possibly choosing to become a “pariah” in their community for fulfilling this role.

In terms of your Soul Contract you had to be attacked via the denial of Love so that you could grow spiritually and they had to attack you to experience their own denial of Love.

Their Soul Contract also requires them to grow spiritually and by being the attacker they also have the opportunity to reject being denied Love and, in their way, moving from fear to Love. Their seeking of forgiveness from the person/people/things they denied Love to, in their attack of them, is also for giving them an opportunity to heal, in Love, and in Love of themselves. In this way they have the opportunity to remember to Become Who They Really Are, Love, a Part of God. Only their seeking of forgiveness can assist them. Your prayer for their well-being and forgiveness of their words and/or actions provides impetus to their healing providing they take responsibility and also seek forgiveness by approaching you directly or via a silent prayer involving opening their heart, praying for your well-being and asking for your forgiveness of their words and/or actions.

Everything you do you do for yourself.

24. In dealing with the other person’s physical body, mind and ego in terms of forgiveness you have a number of choices. If it is possible for you to do you can embrace them physically in Love or by words. This is only possible to do if the other person/people/things are sincerely, genuinely remorseful of their words and/or actions which denied you Love in their attack of you.

If that is not possible to do you can then accept what was done to you, release them in Love of yourself and pray for their well-being, whilst granting them forgiveness in the spirit of for giving yourself an opportunity to heal, in Love of yourself.

You can choose to ignore them. However, what you resist persists and ignoring them keeps some poison in your body and mind. It is better to move to acceptance and best to move to embracing them physically as detailed above.

If you choose to resent them, this will turn to hate and anger soon enough. This negative energy will turn inwards in your body and mind affecting your balance and your health. The longer it’s there the worse it becomes. The entire purpose of dealing with this issue at body and mind level is for giving you an opportunity to heal yourself, in Love of yourself. You are not responsible for the other person/people/things.

25. Now We will show you how to acknowledge this at Soul Level.

Each Soul entering into a body comes with a certain level of consciousness. This level of consciousness, or awareness, or awakedness of God’s presence in their life, of being a Part of God, is the Soul’s journey of growth towards Perfection/God/Light. Each Soul has to grow and enters a body lifetime after lifetime for this purpose of growth. Every Soul in every body has a different level of consciousness.

This may be difficult for you to accept, however it’s true -everyone is doing the best they can do from their current level of consciousness.

That is why you have saints and sinners, and people in between on the earth’s plane of existence.

Those people who consciously choose to grow spiritually have the opportunity to give and receive Love and so improve or increase their level of consciousness during this lifetime.

This increased level of consciousness also brings an increase in responsibility in terms of the Law of Karma (Cause and Effect).

We continually tell you not to judge people because you are not aware of their level of consciousness. In the Bigger Picture We can see, Soul Contracts are being played out perfectly for the growth of Souls by experimental means on the earth’s plane.

You would not expect a 6 year old starting school to write school leaving final exams. Then why expect a Soul, in a body, with a low level of consciousness, to be a saint?

Everyone is doing the best they can do from their current level of consciousness. Do not have unrealistic expectations of people, learn acceptance of “What Is!”

26. At Soul level there is no such thing as the need for forgiveness. There is nothing to forgive – only gratitude and thankfulness that people or things have played their assigned character parts to enable you to grow spiritually through their interaction with you, thereby increasing your level of consciousness.

If you look back at your life and you will see that when “bad” things happened to you, they forced a re-think from you as you changed direction and eventually found new and, possibly, better opportunities for growth being presented to you.

When the young bird’s parents kick it out of the nest to fly and grow, it appears to be cruel and unkind. With the ability to fly and feed itself the young bird obtains a new-found freedom, reaching new heights, and a new life creating its own nest and family.

You must learn the ability to change your mind and see the actions of others not as being “denying of Love” but as an opportunity to kick you out of your “comfort zone” and force you to CHANGE – Clearing Healing And New Gifts Emerging – and then to grow Spiritually, emotionally and in other ways as well.

If you can grasp this concept then there is no one and nothing to forgive – only people and things to be grateful for in terms of your growth in consciousness.

You then know that, with faith in God, everything happens for the best, in the long run.

27. You can now thank the other person’s Soul for everything that was done to you which appeared to be classified as “A Denial of Love” but in reality was a wonderful growth spurt for you in many areas of your life.

“Thank you the Soul of (name of person) for enabling me to grow through this process and achieve (————-), (——–), (————–), etc.”

28. As We spelt out in Trust God Now by not judging anything but by learning to accept What Is Now and to Surrender to God’s will in your life, you then learn to know that :

God will give you what you need (not want) when you need it for the higher growth of your Soul. Learn to accept God’s timing for you now – it is always perfect. Know that your inner security comes from being a Part of God, not from the decisions of man. Trust God Now. God knows what you need now.

29. If you believe that We/we are all One then the only forgiveness required is for giving One and All the opportunity to know Love – by giving and receiving Love in your every thought, word, deed, by being conscious always and all ways of “What Would Love Do Now”.

30. We end where We started – For giving is for receiving healing for yourself and Love for yourself. Everything you do you do for yourself. However, you are Part of God and therefore everything you do you do for God. For giving God Love and for receiving Love from God. This is the ultimate key of for giving.

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