What is your Inner Security? For most people on the earth plane their security comes from a number of sources, e.g. from their job, their source of income, the stability and assuredness of that income; their marriage or other meaningful relationship; their health; their physical safety; the Love or friendship they receive from partners, children, family, friends; their happiness at work, at home or in their social lives; their material possessions such as their homes, car, furniture, etc.

These sources of security mainly come from people and things outside of themselves – external reference points. Their level of security of themselves hinges on external factors such as having a job, having someone to Love them, being accepted socially, living in a nice house and driving a nice car, as examples of outside reference points.

In essence they allow the judgments of others to determine how secure they feel about themselves.

When you rely on the fickleness of other people’s opinions you cannot obtain lasting security in the shifting sands of public opinion.

Regrettably, petty jealousies, greed, people’s insecurities and fears, as well as their desire to bring other people down to their level of “scarcity mentality”, generally point to a possible imbalance of security one feels when you are subject to other people’s insecurities being foisted onto you.

The only security worth having is well founded Inner Security. The Inner Security you are currently experiencing right now is your only real reference point of how you feel about yourself – when no one is watching you!

Your Inner Security, your inner compass determining What You Are, is that which you should hold dearly.

Your Inner Security should be based on What You Are, not what you do. You are Part of God, God is Love and you are Love.

You are not your physical body, that is an illusion. You are a Soul!

That Soul is Part of God. That Soul is Pure Love.

The Inner Security that you feel inside you will be substantially enhanced if your reference point is not your external reference points but your knowledge and acceptance that you are a Part of God.

The steps you need to take to develop this Inner Security are:

  • Step 1 – Acknowledge that you are Part of God.

  • Step 2 – Accept that the only place you will find that Part of God that you are is in the Now.

  • Step 3 – When you are in the Now you accept the fact that God will give you what you need (not want) in every present moment of Now – for the highest growth opportunity for your Soul to grow towards God.

  • Step 4 – Accept that God’s timing for you is always perfect.

  • Step 5 – Accept that what God is presenting to you right now is a Gift (that’s why it is called a Gift because it is in the Present moment of Now!)

  • Step 6 – Do not judge this Gift from God as good, bad, or indifferent. Ultimately everything happens for the best – it may take a long time to see that – but then if you could see the Bigger Picture that We can see you would understand that better.

  • Step 7 – Accept that this Gift from God requires you to search for the opportunity it presents for the highest growth of your Soul in this moment of Now.

  • Step 8 – Welcome the insecurity and uncertainty that opens up for you because that’s where the opportunities for growth will be found.

  • Step 9 – People usually cry out “Help me God!” when confronted with Gifts from God – opportunities to grow – which, initially appear difficult or traumatic to experience.

  • Step 10 – A better approach would be “Thank you God for the challenge being presented to me right now so I can discover the opportunity for the growth of my Soul.”

  • Step 11 – By accepting and surrendering to God’s will for you now, you learn to Trust God Now to give you what you need when you need it.

  • Step 12 – By adopting an Attitude of Gratitude you accept that what is being presented to you as a challenge is, in essence, an opportunity to grow spiritually. You are grateful for this challenge, this opportunity to grow.

  • Step 13 – Regrettably, when people do not accept this Gift from God to grow spiritually they are reneging on their Soul Contract. This Gift re-appears time and again, in different guises, until it is finally grasped, unwrapped, dealt with, and growth eventually occurs. God has infinite patience – eternity is forever!

  • Step 14 – In dealing with the issue at hand that the Gift from God brings to you, you need to bring a focus into play in dealing with what is in front of you now to deal with.

  • Step 15 – Imagine yourself as the tip of an arrow. You take your energy, without any distractions or dilution of that energy and you focus it, like the tip of an arrow flying through the air.

  • Step 16 – By focusing your energy in the Now you allow your Intuition to open up enabling your connection to your Guides, your Angels, your Higher Self, your Soul as a Part of God, as well as God, to guide you in solving this issue.

  • Step 17 – By stating “Thank you God for helping me in this present moment of Now” you allow Universal Wisdom to assist you.

  • Step 18 – Now you learn to “Be still and know that I am God” as you repeat this to yourself.

  • Step 19 – God’s Gift for you contains a MIRACLE (May I Recognize A Conscious Light Evolving). This miracle is not the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This miracle is recognizing that the Conscious Light evolving is the Part of God inside of you, your Soul, making its Presence felt. Feelings are the language of the Soul. The Soul is Pure Love. This miracle you will experience is feeling your Soul, feeling Pure Love, feeling the Part of God inside of you, feeling God’s presence in your life. What greater miracle can there be?

  • Step 20 – Now, in God’s timing the answers will come to you to resolve this issue? The parts of the answer will unfold over time as you learn to adjust to trusting the process to unfold as it should. Once you have learnt to TRUST (To Release Unto Spirit Totally) and (To Rely Upon Spirit Totally) then the opportunity resulting from the issue or challenge will be developed and your spiritual growth will follow.

  • Step 21 – By learning to Trust God Now you learn to Trust the Process to unfold as it should, to Stay in the Now and to Be Love.

  • Step 22 – This is best done by thinking, saying and doing “What Would Love Do Now?” and acting accordingly.

Expect a miracle, it is in the making right now, as you accept God’s Gifts for you as they unfold in every present moment of Now.

To find your Inner Security you need to become the Part of God you really are then you will know Love, bliss, effortlessness and a life of abundance with no need for outside reference points for your Inner Security.

“Thank you God for the opportunity being presented to me right now.”

“Thank you God for holding me in the Palm of Your Hand – eternally.”

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