12. Healing The Imbalances With Love

By focusing on your current illness, sickness, disease you are giving it energy to live and thrive. By feeling ill, sick or diseased you are ill, sick, diseased, but that’s your Ego-influenced mind looking for attention. Poor me, I am sick, ill and diseased treat me nicely please!

Believe that you are not your body. If your body is ill, sick or diseased, it is a manifestation of your Ego influenced mind.

Believe that you are a Spirit, your Soul is Pure Love, a Part of God.

Your Spirit, your Soul, your Pure Love, the part of God you are cannot possibly be ill, sick or diseased.
Can you envisage a God that is ill, sick or diseased?

It is not possible!

It’s not possible for you to be ill, sick or diseased either not at Soul level, not when you are Love, not when you are a Part of God.

So your illness, your sickness, your disease is the manifestation of you not being Love of you being Ego.

To heal yourself you need to identify when you feel imbalanced. Where you believe you are lacking Love, not Ego-based love but inner Love. When have you told yourself you are unworthy of Love this has manifested in specific areas of your body relating to that unworthiness.

For example, in your Ego-based mind you believe that you are unworthy of expressing your thoughts and words so your throat becomes ill, sick and diseased. Another example to contemplate is where your Ego-based mind tells you to be angry with your relationship partner. In a male, that anger is expressed in the reproductive organs with prostrate-related problems. In a female, the anger goes to the heart area, not wanting to be nurturing in Love and by closing their hearts off emotionally, and manifests itself as breast-related problems.

Therefore, it is time for you to stand in your integrity and be true to yourself. Where do you feel unloved, by whom and why? Are you giving yourself enough self-love? Is your relationship partner giving you conditional dependent love? How are your family, friends, co-workers, employers, employees, etc. treating you with love?

How are you giving love to others?

Want to heal yourself of all these imbalances manifesting as ill health? Then think, act, say, do What Would Love Do Now? in every possible circumstance with yourself and with others.

Bring your true self that is hiding within you out to greet the world. Be the Love that you are as a Part Of God in every thought, action, word and deed.
Then you will know good health, healing, happiness and the unconditional Love inside of you.

Goodbye illness, sickness and disease you are no longer required in my body.

Hello good Health, Love, Peace with others and the balance of Inner Peace.

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