Loner, Secrets, Past Lives, Nocturnal, Silence

Loner: The bobcat/lynx is a solitary animal coming together to mate and then revert to its solitary ways. You can learn to be alone but not lonely learning to enjoy your solitary time.

Secrets: The bobcat/lynx is known as the keeper of secrets due to its mysterious solitary lifestyle. It teaches the lesson of knowing when to keep silent, how to keep a secret, how to go deep inside yourself to find Who You Really Are.

Past Lives: The bobcat/lynx can help you access past lives and identify karmic balances that need restoring.

Nocturnal: As a night-time predator with its very good eyesight, sensitive whiskers and well developed hearing the bobcat/lynx appears to be able to see what others are hiding.

Silence: The strength that comes from silence and stealth is the sense of knowing and unearthing opportunities that others may not see.

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