11. Health Is In The Mind Manifested In The Body

We are Spirits in bodies. As spelt out in You are not your body your body was selected by you to learn to heal your Soul. Your body reflects your love when your mind, coming from Love, reflects your Soul.

When your mind is coming from Ego it identifies where your wounds in your body are and what needs healing. Your Ego protects your personality in these wounded areas by providing cover-up illusions to mask the pain.

However, the wounds are identified so the ugliness can be looked at, attended to, in Love, as opportunities to be healed.

It is not the body that gets ill, it’s the Ego-controlled mind. The body manifests the imbalance of the Ego-controlled mind. The healing of the mind can only occur when you become Love no longer Ego. Illness, sickness and disease occurs as a manifestation of feeling unloved by yourself and by others.

The imbalances that occur in your Ego-based mind are your reactions to what you have experienced and internalized negatively. These imbalances are the wounds the Ego-controlled mind protects by creating illusions to mask the pain in your body of feeling unloved and unbalanced.

The pain will persist through illness, sickness and disease for as long as you remain imbalanced and feel unloved by yourself and by others.

Forgiveness of your Ego-controlled mind (see Forgiveness is the Key to Inner Peace) and understanding the Pure Love you really are is the ultimate medicine for yourself and for others. By forgiving yourself and loving yourself you do not create separateness from God, from Love, and you do not suffer from denying yourself love.

Forgiveness is the preventative and remedial healing medicine. Forgive your mind-controlled Ego for creating Fear and protecting your wounds, it is not Who You Really Are. Know that you are Pure Love, you are a part of God and you are loved. Know that you are perfect health in your Love-controlled mind and have perfect health manifested in your body because you are Love; you are loved by yourself, by God and by others in your life.

Perfect health leads to Inner Peace.

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