Happiness, Gentle, Inner Child, Acceptance

Happiness: The bluebird is synonymous with happiness as in the Bluebird of Happiness. Are you still looking for yours or have you found it, and if so, do you show gratitude for it?

Gentle: Bluebirds are gentle and patient, they are not aggressive and avoid confrontation. However, when provoked they will retaliate. This sounds like a good trait for you if a bluebird appears in your space.

Inner Child: In the northern hemisphere bluebirds arrive from the South in early spring and build their nests with a south facing entrance. The South is acknowledged as the direction for innocence, the inner child and for childlike activities. The bluebird reminds you to become accepting, forgiving, fun loving, childlike in your attitude towards life.

Acceptance: Bluebirds acceptance of others is a reminder that you must respect and honour everyone’s journey, including your own.

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