11. Release It In Love Of You

When someone, or something, has reached the end of its cycle of life with you, it is acceptable to let it go. It is more acceptable to bring closure to this cycle by correctly finishing it off. When people pass on their bodies are either buried or cremated. A finality is reached with those bodies. The cycle of life for those bodies is complete and finally dealt with.

How do you bury or cremate a relationship with someone, or something, that is not physically dead but is emotionally dead?

When the person, or thing, was acceptable in relationship to you, that is when you had a good relationship with them, or it. You had a commitment, an unwritten contract that you would both behave in a way acceptable to both of you when you made that contract.

This contract, or lease, was entered into formally, as in the case of a marriage, a partnership, or informally as in the case of a friendship. This lease between the two, or more, of you was a contract to occupy each other’s sacred space with the intent of enhancing this sacred space not polluting it.

If you, as a landlord, leased space to a tenant who damaged this space unnecessarily, disrespectfully, then you are entitled to give notice for restitution of your space as it was before. If this rectification and restitution is not forthcoming, in a realistic and reasonable time frame, you are entitled to cancel the lease and eject the tenant, suing them for damages.

So it is with your sacred emotional space if someone, or something, breaks your lease contract by their unacceptable behaviour in terms of the behaviour code you’re both contracted for, then you can unilaterally cancel the lease agreement and release them, and yourself, from this contract.

You are entitled to protect yourself from further harm and release yourself from the now stranglehold that is negatively affecting you. The other person, people or thing, has to also learn that the Law of Cause and Effect causes ripples that must play themselves out in consequences of actions.

In releasing yourself from this, now, bondage, you first release the other person, people, or thing, from your lease contract, by formal, or informal notice. They must consciously know that their actions caused this lease contract for your mutual sacred space to be broken and terminated. They are no longer permitted to continue poisoning your sacred space.

After formal, or informal notice, has been served on the other person, then you can release them in Love. Not necessarily the turn the other cheek type of Love, but rather release them in Love Of Yourself!

By releasing them in Love Of Yourself you are acknowledging the unconditional love you have for yourself. You are no longer going to allow others to harm you and thereby giving yourself permission to say of them Its okay, they don’t really mean harm, they are not really abusing me they are simply troubled!

No longer is it acceptable for you, or others, to condition yourself with conditional love of yourself. You deserve the best Love there is, unconditional Love of Yourself, let Us repeat that. You deserve, and have earned, unconditional love of yourself by yourself. Nothing less than that is acceptable to you now!

Release the other person, people, or thing, from your sacred space so that you are not poisoned any longer by their actions (see The Ultimate and Complete Forgiveness You Seek The Book of Life Skills Guidespeak.com)

Release the other person, people or things in Love, in Love of Yourself. You deserve the unconditional Love of Yourself by yourself. When you know that God is Love, that you are a Part of God, therefore you are Love, then you will know unconditional Love. You will know Gods love of you. You will know your love of you unconditionally.

Release yourself – in unconditional love of you.

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