12. Our Friendship

We have been fortunate, very fortunate indeed!
We met thirty years ago when we were lonely and we knew fear.

Two lonely people struggling to survive in our individual worlds, the connection was cautious, yet strangely magnetic.
However, soon we sought each other out.
Somehow, our loneliness seemed to disappear when we were near each other.
In desperate times, we found a strength and solace in being together.

And so a friendship bond grew in unconditional love and unconditional trust.
Personal intimacies were shared in our vulnerability with each other.
There were no secrets between us.
There were no contracts binding us.
What was yours was mine and what was mine was yours.
The voluntary friendship had developed into an involuntary bond of unconditional love and trust.

Two Souls had connected in a long remembered way from many lifetimes together when friendship was always strong. We used to say, We would take a bullet for each other. Now I know we were comrades in arms many lifetimes ago, we protected each other’s backs in battle as we have done once again in this lifetime.

Ours is a friendship that others have admired and some not understood. Our spouses were envious of our closeness, but our children understood.

Your children look to me for fatherly familiarity, guidance, love and friendship and my children sit and talk to you and you both appear to be like two branches intertwined in intimacy of love and friendship.

The strangest part of our 30 year friendship is that we were only really in each other’s sacred space for a few short years, four to begin with and then another four years.

For over 20 years, oceans and continents have separated us.
In that time, we have seen each other probably five or six times and yet the bond is even stronger now than ever before.

As our marriages are dissolving after over 20 and 25 years apiece, we share the experiences in total honesty and vulnerability. We release our spouses in love, and in love of ourselves, for them to go on their journeys.

Why do we not have bitterness and anger as we find ourselves alone again? Because we knew fear when we first met thirty years ago. Now after our spiritual searchings and awakenings we know love.

We know that God is Love.
That we are Part of God.
That we are Love.
That Love that we have re-membered from our eternity together is the Love we are as we wave our spouses farewell in love, and in love of ourselves.

I proudly introduce you to the new love in my life.
My soul-mate that I have yearned for forever.
My soul-mate that I have earned, as a reward for my journey.
This soul-mate has travelled a similar road to find me her soul-mate.

I introduce her to you and a connection is instantaneous.
You both, at Soul level, recognize each other from lifetimes before, and for the moment only I can see it.

Soon you both will start to re-member each other.
And so as our hair greys and thins, we start our new lives choosing new career paths.
Both of us prepared, willing and able to serve others in need.

We two have known unconditional love and trust for 30 years. We two have connected to the Source of unconditional love and trust. This Source, some know as God, has blessed us to share our bounty with others.

We two came together lonely and full of fear some 30 years ago.
Now we only know abundance of love and friendship.
The world is waiting for us.
You in your way and me in mine will open our hearts in love as we stand together now, as we have through eternity, in unconditional love and unconditional trust of true friendship.

Come the world is waiting for us to share this feeling with everyone.

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