10. Understanding Different Levels Of Consciousness

Accepting the truth that God is Love, you are part of God, and you are Love. Accepting the truth that anything you or anyone else does, which is not Love is an illusion. This illusion is not real, only love is real. There is no guilt, no forgiveness required, because the illusion is not real, only the love that you are, and others are, is real.

If your level of consciousness is such that you can understand this concept of only love is real, every immoral act is an illusion, that no one is guilty, forgiveness is not required, the person doing the immoral act was not the real person, but an illusion. The real person is Pure Love; a part of God, that God is blameless, that this part of God is blameless. If you can see this aberration of behaviour as an illusion, not the real person, then the illusion is guilty and your forgiveness of this illusion is not required because it is not real, only an illusion.

By not forgiving this real person, who is not guilty of anything, you deny them love. Well, you are Love, so by denying them love, you are denying yourself of being Who You Really Are Love. If you are not Love then all you can be is Fear, the opposite of Love. Therefore, by denying them Love for their not guilty act you have become Fear.

This is like snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and shooting yourself in both feet at the same time! Why would you want to become Fear when you know what an amazing feeling you have when you are Love.

So where does this leave you?

If your level of consciousness enables you to forgive the other real person by acknowledging it was not them, at Pure Love level, but an illusion that created the immoral act then there is no one to forgive.

You extend love to them, as the ever-flowing fountain you are of God’s Love. You will find Inner Peace with this outpouring of the Love that you are.

But what about the other person? You may see the real person, the Pure Love, the part of God that they are. You may see their actions as illusionary. Nevertheless, what do they acknowledge as their level of consciousness. Perhaps they are not as highly developed spiritually as you are. Perhaps they cannot believe their luck. I can go out and act in any way I want and this Paragon of Virtue will forgive me. What an idiot he/she is!

Therefore, when you extend your unconditional love of acceptance and surrender to the present moment of now and you welcome this person you see as Real Love back into your sacred space, you feel an Inner Peace of Love inside of you for doing the right thing.

However, where are they in terms of your unconditional love relationship, as you perceive it to be?

They are long gone!

Unless they grasp the miracle of transformation, recognizing Who You Are and wanting to become like you unconditional love then they will feel uncomfortable around such a goody goody. Their level of consciousness may be a level of unconsciousness as they live their life in the illusionary world they prefer to be in.

After all, birds of a feather stick together, if you lie down with dogs you get fleas, and similar sayings have a ring of truth to them.

Well you did what you perceived to be the best you could be in Love but perhaps, in reality, to use another common expression you cast pearls before swine!

Do not let this continued illusionary behaviour of someone else negatively affect your good intentions. You keep being Love, Who You Really Are. In time, you will attract birds of a feather. You will attract real people at your level of consciousness. For you to know Inner Peace you can only allow people into your intimate sacred space that resonate with your level of consciousness frequency. Release the others in love and seek birds of your feather.

This will give you Inner Peace.

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