110. ZEBRA

Balance, Black and White, Clarity, Individualism, Sureness, Power

Balance: The clearly black and white striped Zebra creates a fair and just balance for all to see.

Black and White: Those with Zebra energy require fact and not suppositions. They want the details as they are with no fabrications, excuses or exaggerations.

Clarity: Zebra people want clarity without filters – facts, facts and more facts.

Individualism: A Zebra is an individual animal but also works within the herd, especially when danger is near.

Sureness: A Zebra seems to know where it is going and has a sureness in its footing to get there.

Power: The independent clarity of a Zebra together with its fact-seeking nature gives people with this energy power and respect for their uncompromising stance on seeking the facts and dealing with issues.

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