64. The Law of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is your greatest strength. When you become vulnerable, when you expose your deepest secrets, when you show someone else that you trust them with everything you hold valuable, then you allow them to show you understanding, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, love and trust.

Inherently everyone wants to be loved, respected, admired and trusted. This is Who They Really Are at Soul level.

By being truthfully vulnerable, not through manipulation and control, but by being open and honest, you allow people to show you their true selves, at Soul level.

This trust creates true friendships. By becoming vulnerable, you do not have to expend most of your energy protecting the masks and facades your Ego has created. You can use that energy correctly, creatively, meaningfully to become Who You Really Are at Soul level.

When you show your vulnerability, you allow you and others to become the best that all of you can be. Now that inner strength of you, and others, at Soul level is your greatest strength. So vulnerability becomes your greatest strength as you allow Soul to replace Ego in your life.

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