18. The Law of Correspondence

All are One and in that Oneness all correspond with and to one another. It has been said repeatedly on this website, GuideSpeak.com, that You are part of God. All are One, all are part of One.

Your choices you make, in every present moment of now, create a cause and effect within this Oneness. If you choose to poison this Oneness, that part of this Oneness is damaged. If you choose to love this Oneness that part of this Oneness is enhanced. Now in your correspondence to this Oneness you exist in either the part that is damaged by you with poison or in the part that is enhanced by you with love. It’s your choice as you correspond with Oneness.

You become One with your thoughts, your feelings, your choices, your decisions, your actions, your belief, your behavior, your vision of you and your vision for you. You choose how your part of Oneness will treat you in eternity.

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