17. The Law of Compensation

To be compensated is to be paid what you are due for the energy you have expended. In your giving of energy you are entitled to receive energy back as compensation. This receipt of energy earned by your giving, manifests itself in many and various ways. Money, friendships, love, blessings and health are some examples here. If you do not consider your giving deserves your receiving anything in exchange then you are confusing your lack of self-worth, your lack of self-love, with your perception that there is a lack of abundance in the world. There is not enough, so I will give and you do not have to worry about compensating me in any way!

The world, and the Universe, is abundant. There is more than enough for everyone. You deserve to be rewarded in abundance for what you give. You deserve to be compensated for your giving. If you do not expect, welcome and even demand compensation for your giving then you are damaging those who are receiving. They receive so the Universe can compensate you for giving. They can then give so others can receive and so the cycle goes. Your compensation is sacred and requires your acceptance of it to maintain the balance of giving and receiving by the Universe within the Universe.

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