39. What Are Your Greatest Fears?


A 25-year old young man visited the Channel and was asked: “What are your greatest fears?”

“I fear loneliness, abandonment and lack of money.”

Suggested Solution

When you acknowledge, truthfully, your greatest fears, you bring them out of the darkness where they grow and assume unrealistic proportions. By bringing your fears into the light of consciousness they can be seen for what they are – unrealistic and most likely unfounded in truth.

FEARFalse Evidence Appearing Real.

Your fear of loneliness, abandonment and lack of money comes from the suicide of your father when you were 10 years old.

Your impression at that time was that the person you trusted to always be there for you abandoned you, you felt alone, as did your mother. The apparent lack of financial support, especially felt by your mother, left you with a fear of lack of money.

The truth of your father’s suicide, is very far from the facts as they played out on earth. Your attachment to your father’s last act on earth has presented to you a consistent potential feeling of failure. Your belief system currently is that your father failed you and your family, you have his genes, you are also likely to fail yourself, those around you and possibly your own family, one day.

Your fear comes from thinking that you are like your father, as you, and others perceive him to have been.

This picture of your father’s “failure” is so far from the truth in the Bigger Picture We see.

Your father was so courageous! May you be so courageous in your journey in the physical.

Your father had a Spiritual Contract with his brother, his twin brother. Your father had to be in Spirit to guide his twin brother through a crisis, a trauma, of monumental proportions. This guidance, from your father being in Spirit, has enabled his twin brother to survive, and thrive, through this crisis and so heal himself, his family and be representative of coming from love in the most difficult of circumstances.

By this healing action of coming from love in the most difficult of circumstances, millions of Souls, on earth and in Spirit, have been freed to progress with the journey of their Souls. In earth time, some of these millions of Souls have been unable to progress on their journey for hundreds of years!

By your father contracting to prematurely leave his loving wife and children, his parents, family and friends in what appeared to be in disgrace, by committing suicide, he was so courageous, We remain in awe of him.

His ability in Spirit to guide his twin brother, who is in the physical world, through this crisis and ensure the healing power of love predominates, has been an act of Love, an act of selfless courage, that is recognized by all of Us in Spirit.

Perhaps now you can understand that your fear of failure, incorrectly assumed to be your father’s legacy to you, has no bearing on reality, truth or fact. Your father did not selfishly abandon you, did not leave you lonely and did, in fact, provide financially for you through insurance policy payments. Your father fulfilled a contract for mankind that is affecting millions of Souls. His courage is legendary. To Us, he is a hero of gigantic proportions.

You can hold your head up high and be proud to have his genes – his courage, his love.

You do not have to fear loneliness, abandonment and lack of money, your father’s twin will always be your friend, will always provide for you emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically for all your needs, as will your mother.

There is nothing to fear now, be courageous like your father and know only Love and Peace – that is your father’s legacy to you.

Your father watches over you with pride, love and protection, always and all ways.

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