39. Vulnerability Is Your Greatest Strength

We have said before that vulnerability is your greatest strength. (The Law of Vulnerability). Many people see that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness. Many people see that being vulnerable is an opportunity for someone else to take advantage of you.

Many people see vulnerability as weakness. Your society has shown you that you must keep a stiff upper lip. You have been shown that you must keep an exterior facade to show that you are in control of your life. Nothing can penetrate that exterior facade and you keep up the image that everything is well, everything is fine. Inside you, you feel quite the opposite but society has taught you to keep a facade going.

Many people do not understand the term vulnerability. They need a symbol to explain it to them. When you are vulnerable, you allow exposure to your Soul. The only thing that can connect to your Soul is another Soul. Ego cannot connect to a Soul. Ego can only connect to ego. We will use the symbolism of a tortoise in its shell to illustrate vulnerability.

The tortoise has the protection of its shell. When attacked or under any threat of any sort, the tortoise goes inside its shell which is impenetrable to most of its attackers. When the danger appears to have abated, the tortoise allows its head and feet to come out of the shell and then it may continue on its slow journey.

A tortoise shell represents Ego with the protection of its “facade”. If the tortoise is turned upside down it is now defenseless and vulnerable.

Yes, there are people who are full of Ego, who are child-like, and animalistic, in their immature approach to life no matter how many years they have lived on earth. These people will attack the overturned, vulnerable, tortoise. It is their Ego which empowers them to take advantage of the vulnerability of the tortoise. Perhaps they may even destroy the tortoise in its vulnerable state of being turned upside down.

However, when the tortoise is turned upside down it says I trust you to help me by picking me up and turning me the right side up. I am being vulnerable is the symbolism here as the tortoise is saying: I trust you; I trust you at Soul level to honor, respect, trust and love me at Soul level.

What happens to the person to whom this vulnerability and trust is being shown? The person to whom the symbolism of the tortoise is shown. The person who says “Thank you for trusting me with your vulnerability. I am honored that you think that I am worthy, at Soul level, to be trusted with your vulnerability, I respect you in your vulnerability, at Soul level, and I am proud that you respect me enough to trust me with your vulnerability. Thank you for seeing the worthiness inside of me that you can honor me, respect me, trust me and love me to show me your vulnerability. In turn I will honor you, respect you, trust you and love you at Soul level because you have honored, respected, trusted and loved me.”

Inherently everyone wants to be loved, respected, honored, admired and trusted. This is Who They Really Are at Soul level.

This vulnerability has now created a loving friend, that loving friend will now stand by you and, more importantly, that loving friend having been exposed to your vulnerability will expose their vulnerability to you. This loving friend will now tell you their innermost secrets because you have allowed them into your sacred space through your vulnerability. They will now feel comfortable to reciprocate their vulnerability to you.

They feel comfortable now to honor you, to respect you, to trust you and to love you by explaining their areas of vulnerability to you. From this is formed a very strong bond of friendship, a bond of love.

So this vulnerability that you initiated cut through all the defenses – yours and theirs, like a knife through soft butter. All those years of building up defenses to protect you from your vulnerability, from your inner feelings. All those facades, all those secrets and lies, all those feelings of insecurity that you covered up with facades, all of that toughness, that exterior, that armor that you placed around yourself to protect you from exposing what you really feel about yourself, that you did not want to confess to other people, let alone yourself, has been sliced through like a knife through soft butter.

You simply became vulnerable. In that vulnerability you trusted someone whose trust proved justifiable. Someone who said “Thank you for honoring me, thank you for respecting me, thank you for trusting me, thank you for loving me. Thank you for providing a bridge between our Souls so the vibration of love could travel along.”

LOVELet Our Vibrations Evolve

Love can only come into being if there is vulnerability and perhaps love could also be Let Our Vulnerability Emerge.

For those who can become vulnerable and find those who they can honor, respect, trust and love, who in turn are vulnerable to them, they can now really start evolving if they are AGEAlways Growing Evolving. In that way they heal themselves and can speed up their journey of evolvement from Ego to Soul, from unworthiness to worthiness as they travel towards the Ultimate Light, the Ultimate Love, they perceive as God.

Vulnerability is your greatest strength; it is the key to the treasure chest of love, to your journey of AGEAlways Growing Evolving.

So you can heal and progress on your journey – which is your Soul contract on this physical plane you know as earth.

Many of you will not feel comfortable by being vulnerable as you consider that by being vulnerable this will open the door for you to be taken advantage of. Yes, that is a possibility; however, being vulnerable to someone who you instinctively know cannot be trusted, someone who cannot honor, respect, and love you, someone you cannot trust, is not the person to be vulnerable to. This person is full of Ego and has hidden their Soul. At that point should you be vulnerable to this unacceptable egotistic person, then you will be abused by them, lose something valuable to you and become a victim.

You have a detective system inside of you to detect someone who is unworthy of your vulnerability. Feelings are the language of your Soul. Trust your feelings!

If you come from Ego, you will be attracted to egotistical people. If you come from Soul, you will attract Soulful people to you. Vulnerability is one Soul joining with another.

Being vulnerable to find your greatest strength is not a suicide mission by placing that vulnerability into ego-based hands. Being vulnerable is to become conscious and aware and to select people at Soul level to whom honor, respect, trust and love are second nature.

This will create a bridge on which honor, respect, trust and love can travel both ways, spanning the sacred space between your Souls.

LOVELet Our Vulnerability Emerge

LOVELet Our Vibrations Evolve

This person can now truly be called a Soul-mate.

As We have said before you are all Soul-mates. You are all Souls, you have all come from Spirit to occupy physical bodies on earth, to fulfill your Soul contracts with each other. That is why We have said before you are all Angels, at Soul level, to fulfill your Soul contracts. Even murderers and rapists are Angels, at Soul level, however on earth their Ego’s are playing out Soul contracts on their Soul journey.

That is why We say do not judge – you are all Angels. You are all One with God.

What is the magic formula to ensure that you always come from Soul, not from Ego, to ensure that you show and share your vulnerability with others in honor, respect, trust and love.

The magic formula is to think, say and do: “What Would Love Do Now?”

When you deal with yourself and with others always come from Soul with “What Would Love Do Now?”

Being vulnerable is not weakness, vulnerability is your greatest strength as you empower others to come from Soul and treat you with respect, honor, trust and love. So you in turn can treat them with respect, honor, trust and love by thinking, saying and doing – “What Would Love Do Now?”

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