22. Change Threat Or Opportunity

Most people view change as threatening. Why must things change? I am in my comfort zone and wham bam things change! I like things like I like them, I don’t want things to change. We were so happy, then, he/she was gone taken in a moment my life has been turned upside down. Why? Why? Why?

Let Us show you another way to view change. We will start with CHANGE Clearing Healing And New Gifts Emerging.

At the moment of massive change, such as, the physical loss of a person or a valuable possession, the fear of loss looms very large indeed.

You would indeed need to be very spiritual to immediately see this major loss as a gain.

But let’s stop right here, right now and define Loss and Gain.

LOSS Leaving Our Self Sad (and)

Limiting Our Sacred Space

Loss implies sadness as your sacred space becomes limited. Your spiritual belief system is challenged and is found wanting. Your sacred space shrinks as you move from – love of God in the Now – to – fear of the future. You jump into facing the future without that person, that love, that security, that possession, and this makes you feel diminished, smaller. Your sacred space of – God is Love – Now is all there is – has been replaced with fear of the future, leaving yourself sad and limiting your sacred space.

How would you feel if you could understand the Bigger Picture here?

Well, let Us start with defining GAIN God And I Now.

Let Us start by asking you to look back at your life and see the milestones where bad things happened to you. The time you had an accident, lost something valuable to your well being, etc., etc.

At that time who would have believed that everything has turned out even better that it was before. For some people things have always turned out for the best.

Even the premature loss of a parent, or a child, has made you re-evaluate the path you were on, change direction, and now, after meaningful time has elapsed new people, new possessions, new meaningful things have entered your sacred space.

If you maintain a victim mentality then you are not likely to appreciate this ultimate improvement in your fortunes.

Many people find God in recovering from a tragedy. When they realize that GAIN means God And I Now eventually they then realize that everything does happen for the best.

Welcome change, it enables you to Clear, Heal And (for) New Gifts (to) Emerge.

Everything does happen for the best as your Souls growth is the measurement here, not your physical desires and wants.

Your Soul needed that accident, loss, or whatever to occur so It could create an opportunity to grow towards the Light and the Love that God is.

Your Souls growth is the GAIN God And I Now. If you also experience this gain in the physical consciousness of your life then you are truly fortunate.

It may be difficult for you to understand this now, in the physical, but your Soul contracted willingly to experience this loss, this accident. Your Soul came into your body in the physical with the express intention to experience this loss and experience the clearing, healing, and new gifts emerging process the change needed to enable you Souls growth to occur.

If you can shift from understanding that the loss experienced in the physical in this lifetime on earth is minor compared to the major, sizeable, gain of your Souls growth, which growth is for eternity.

If you can know that this Souls growth is huge forever and ever then perhaps you can see the Bigger Picture of change. The loss of your physical desires, needs and wants is temporary, however, painful at the time. The gain of your Souls growth is for eternity. You will be eternally grateful for the gain as your Soul grows towards the Light and the Love that God is – GAIN God And I Now.

Short term loss, and pain, long term gain, is the Bigger Picture here. After all, you are always a Spirit, for now a Soul in a physical body on earth, but a Soul/Spirit for eternity.

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