Change, Creativity, Guarding, Healing, Sexuality, Speed

Change: Snakes have many symbolisms and their speed of attack is aided by their ability to change direction as their skins are very dry and this aids their movement. The transformation or change which occurs when a snake sheds its skin is equally symbolic for transformation, using a positive change for forthcoming growth.

Creativity: In Indian mystic belief, the Kundalini Spirit sits curled up at the base of the spine and when it is unblocked or released, it travels up the spine releasing creativity in the brain coupled with insight and intuition. It does this by unblocking the energy centres as it travels up the spine.

Guarding: Snakes in mythology and legends of love are often guardians of treasure. Their ability to defend by attacking swiftly and in a deadly manner should caution those who tangle with Snake people.

Healing: The transformational qualities of the Snake denote its ability to be a healer. Its flexible lightweight body and its speed and agility denote swift changes of healing to occur within one.

Sexuality: The release of the Kundalini Spirit activates the sex drive coupled with an increase in energy.

Speed: When a snake is sufficiently provoked, it can react with speed, agility and accuracy towards its target. A snake sleeps in the sun to gain body heat and is usually slow to provoke, but once sufficiently provoked, it will be deadly in its response.

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