51. The Law of Prosperity

Prosperity is often misdiagnosed as financial wealth. How prosperous is the wealthiest person on earth who has a life threatening disease? Certainly he can throw all his money at keeping him alive but if it is to no avail how prosperous is/was he? How prosperous was Mother Theresa as she lived and worked amongst the poorest of the poor?

How prosperous does a beggar feel when handed a $100 note?

How prosperous does a billionaire feel when he wins $100 in a wager?

How prosperous are the parents of a new born baby?

How prosperous does a person feel when the tests show the cancer has disappeared?

Prosperity is not financial wealth. Prosperity is an attitude of consciousness. Wealth consciousness or poverty consciousness does not depend on your bank balance – it depends on your gratitude – your great attitude.

If you can willingly give the little that you have, knowing that, in your heart, God will provide you with all your needs, then your prosperity knows no limits because you know you are part of God -and God knows no limits. Then you have wealth consciousness and you know prosperity.

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