48. The Law of Prayer

When you pray to God do not want. God knows what you need and will always give you what you need for your Higher Good. This may not be what you want!

Do not say God, I want so and so. You will always be receiving “wanting”, you may never receive “so and so”. Rather thank God, in advance, for “so and so”. If it is for the need of your Higher Good it has already been created in Spirit and by thanking God for it you enable it to be manifested on earth.

Trust God to know what you need, by thanking God for it, then prepare yourself to receive it. Detach yourself from the results. Have faith that God will provide your need if in God’s wisdom you do need it. Upon its manifestation, thank God for it.

If your request, and thanks for “so and so” did not manifest itself, know that everything happens for the best – it is simply a function of time until you find that out in your life’s journey. If you do not get what you requested and thanked God for, then have faith and thank God for not providing it now. God knows what is best for you. Have faith. Trust God and remember to row away from the rocks!

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