20. The Law of Decree

When you decree your intentions you authoritatively indelibly state what you fervently want to occur. You instruct the Universe to fulfill your desires. There is a saying “Be careful what you wish for – you may get it!” When you make a decree you must stand in your integrity and in humility. You must instruct with clear vision and authority. Your decree must be for the highest good of everyone serving all those on earth and in the Universe. A decree is generally only made once unlike prayers and affirmations which are made frequently. When deciding on what your decree is to be take great care in covering as many “angles” as possible. Decrees can offer you a faster way to achieve your healing, growth and evolvement.

However, decrees when spoken aloud a number of times commit you to healing, growth and evolvement. This may be considered painful as you go through this process. If you have “stuff” that needs clearing be prepared for some lessons coming your way!

You cannot have the healing, growth and evolvement you require without the mirrors of people and events showing up and clearing the way for this process to happen. That is why We repeatedly say “it takes courage to come into the physical – but what opportunities you have for healing, growth and evolvement of your Soul?”

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