8. The Law of Attention

Your thoughts are a magnifying glass. What you put your attention on will result. What you put your attention on, your energy flows to create “Believing is Seeing”. What you believe you are becoming. If you want joy, fulfillment, self-worth and to know unconditional self love then hold these positive attributes in your attention and make your vision, your beliefs, a reality. Keep the perfection of the end result of your vision in your mind without doubt or fear. Intend it to come about, do what is required through necessary action to bring it about while you stand in your integrity, give it full, undivided, positive attention and see how it blossoms into reality.

Conversely, if you give your attention to worry or fear that too will manifest itself into reality.

You have freedom of choice of where to put your attention on positive or negative attitudes. Choose wisely and pay attention!

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