9. Are You Worthy?

How do you really feel about yourself? Do you really feel worthy of who, what and where you are now? Have you surrounded yourself with “things” to cover up that empty feeling of unworthiness?

Where did that feeling of unworthiness come from? What was said to you or done to you, or what did you say or do to yourself to convince you that, for some reason or reasons, you were not worthy?

Not worthy of what? Of being accepted, being alive, being loved, being someone’s child, someone’s sibling, someone’s friend, someone’s partner, someone’s spouse?

If you feel unworthy, what have you done to yourself and to others to reinforce that continual feeling of unworthiness? If you feel unworthy there is no shortage of avenues and people who, themselves feeling unworthy, will join you in reinforcing your feeling of unworthiness. Misery loves company!

If you are a shoplifter there is a shop on every corner. An alcoholic? There is alcohol available nearly everywhere, a drug addict – the pushers will do house calls, an adulterer – no shortage of willing participants, a workaholic – no shortage of work to do, a procrastinator – plenty of things to delay doing, a criminal – opportunities abound to feed your intentions.

What can you do to change from feeling unworthy to feeling worthy? Firstly, do you want to change? Is it not comfortable to carry on doing what you are doing? Do you really want to leave your friends, your habits, your lifestyle? Are you really fed up with who, what and where you are? Are you really prepared to have the courage to walk away from the familiar – naked, alone, not knowing how you will cope in this new unfamiliar territory? Would you prefer to leave an escape hatch to re-enter your old life of feeling unworthy in case this does not work out? Are you prepared to burn all your bridges and take a leap of faith into the unknown?

If you are, then stay on board the “H.M.S. Unworthy” for the journey into worthiness.

Stay on board? You told me I was going to change. I don’t want my old life, I want to feel worthy.

Not so fast me new shipmate, we get to worthy via unworthy – all aboard!

Welcome on board the H.M.S. Unworthy. Everything your heart desires is on board to satisfy your every whim. There is no shortage of every addiction known to man. Simply indulge yourself. You feel unworthy so you can do whatever you want to satisfy your every craving – eat, drink, be merry, there is no limit, go wild! You are in good company, everyone on board has confessed to feeling unworthy -to having deep, dark secrets that they will cover-up with their appetites for indulgence. The night is young, everyone is willing – enjoy yourselves!

It was a dark and stormy night, or so the story goes, and the captain and night watch decided to also indulge themselves in the festivities of unworthiness – the noise, fun and excitement drove them mad with desire.

Oops! No one at the helm. The approaching storm remained unseen as did the reef of rocks jutting out of the sea.

“Ship aground, every man for himself.”

Oh, we won’t get caught. We are having too much fun to stop now. And so in minutes the H.M.S. Unworthy sinks with all on board – no survivors.

But wait, someone heard the warning call and managed to free a lifeboat and get it into the water.

Is that someone you?

It was a dark and stormy night and one lone lifeboat is being tossed around like a cork on the turbulent waves. You hold on for dear life.

Eventually the storm subsides, daybreak comes, you are sopping wet, all you have is a small lifeboat, two oars and you’re alone, frightened – no petrified.

You put the oars into the rings and you start to row to safety. After a few minutes you realize that on your own you haven’t the strength to get very far.

You cry out: “Oh God help me please. I’ll do anything if you will just help me and get me rescued.”

At long last a cry for help! Did you cry for help when you indulged yourself in all your cravings to cover up your unworthiness? When you were having fun, did you look for God?

When your Ego, your Fear, told you to go wild, indulge yourself, there are no consequences of your action, no payments to make in retribution, no guilt, no remorse, you won’t get caught – was that not a message that you wanted to hear?

So what God are you calling to now? A God of Anger, a God of Retribution, a God of Fear?

Lucky for you there is only a God of Love!

When your Ego separated you from your Soul and told you, in your fear, that you were unworthy, it fed your indulgences to justify your unworthiness.

Your Soul is a part of God. God is worthy of every-thing, every-where, every-how, every-when, every-who and every-if. God is worthy full stop!

Well, if God is worthy and your Soul is part of God, then you are worthy.

When you come from Ego, or Fear, you are unworthy.

Where have you been coming from all this time in your feelings of unworthiness – from Ego or from Soul?

How do I learn to come from Soul when all this time I have ignored Soul, unconditional self-love and only operated from Ego?

Well let’s return to where you are right now – alone, cold, wet, and hungry in a lifeboat with two oars battling to make any headway to be rescued.

So you tried to row, but the waves are too strong, the tide is pushing you backwards and your body is too weak.

So you called to God for help!

Are you expecting a miracle? A hand to come out of the sky and pluck you to safety? Well you might not get what you want, but you are going to get what you need! You are going to get a flash of brilliance. You look at what you can work with, a lifeboat, two oars and you. Well that’s not working so let me get on my knees and pray.

“Dear Lord, help me, I don’t know how to pray so I’m just going to say I don’t want to be like this anymore. I want to change. I realize now that I have allowed Ego / Fear to run my life. Thank you for showing me how to come from Soul, how to come from love to rescue my life. How can I replace my feelings of unworthiness by learning to be worthy? I now know my Soul is part of you. You are worthy, so I must also be worthy. Please show me how to come from Soul, from Love, to feel worthy.”

Then your unseen Guides and Angels make themselves felt – in your feelings – the language of your Soul.

We are going to show you how to manifest Faith and Trust. How to live your life in Faith and Trust. Then when you connect to Faith and learn how to Trust in that present moment of Now, you will be coming from Soul, from Love, feeling worthy.

You have two oars; make one a mast and one a rudder. The rudder is Faith to guide you and Trust will become your mast and sail. When you learn to TRUSTTo Rely Unto Spirit Totally – then you let go and let God. You hand over to God, while making sure you are rowing away from the rocks!

The oar that becomes the mast is tied to the oar rings – port and starboard – with floating seaweed and miraculously you get more strong, floating seaweed and also tie the oar/mast to the stern and the aft of the life boat. Now for a suitable sail. The debris from the shipwrecked “H.M.S. Unworthy” is floating around you and some suitable material is floating nearby. You grab it with your oar, make a suitable sail, put your other oar/rudder in place and “hey presto”, you have a sailboat from a lifeboat – maybe it’s a soulboat not a sailboat!

Now with the wind coming from the correct place, your soulboat/sailboat/lifeboat takes off with Trust as your sail and Faith as your rudder guiding you to safety.

Coming from Soul, with Faith and Trust, you have rescued yourself from the shipwrecked “H.M.S. Unworthy” into the lifeboat/sailboat/soulboat “Worthy”.

Whenever you come from Soul, from Love, with Faith and Trust you will now be Worthy.

Whenever you come from Ego, from Fear, you will fear unworthy.

You have rescued yourself. Now to stay rescued you know what to do – simply come from Soul, from Love, using Faith and TRUSTTo Rely Unto Spirit Totally, in every present moment of Now.

Are you still feeling cold, wet, hungry, alone, distressed and unworthy? Or, do you feel love and warmth, security and peace of mind that comes from Soul, from Love, in Faith, in Trust – from feeling worthy?

Well, sailor, it’s your boat; you decide which harbor to dock in – Port Ego or Port Soul.

You always have freedom of choice in every present moment of Now.

WORTHYWonder Of Realizing The Higher You – as you come from Soul, from Love, in Faith, in Trust – from feeling Worthy.

Soul or Ego? Worthy or Unworthy?

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