2. Your Journey This Lifetime – A Victim Or A Victor?

It is time for you to remember.

You are a Soul in a physical body on this plane you know as earth.

As a Soul you are part of Spirit. Spirit, or God, if you prefer, is All There Is. You are part of Spirit, Part of God, as a Soul you came from a plane some of you call Heaven. That is an acceptable term for the purpose of this lesson.

When you were in Spirit, you, and others in Spirit, your Soul Group, got together and decided that for your growth and their growth, you all needed to return to earth as Souls in physical bodies. Each of you needed to experience various growth spurts. Initially, growth spurts are not always pleasant experiences. Sometimes they are extremely unpleasant, initially and for quite a while afterwards.

The pain of natural childbirth can be used as an analogy here. Sometimes it is very unpleasant and extremely painful. Sometimes it is even life threatening. Sometimes, instead of giving life, life is lost. However, in the vast majority of natural childbirths the pain and unpleasantness is soon followed by the exhilaration of motherhood. The joy, the bliss, the feeling is indescribable as the mother bonds with the baby at her breast. Oh, what a feeling!

To experience this amazing feeling, a major growth spurt was required.

As a Soul you need to experience growth spurts to enable you, your Soul Group and ultimately Spirit, to experience growth. Ultimately, Spirit, God, needs to experience everything to be Spirit, God, All There Is.

The growth that is required is to enable your Soul and your Soul Group to be elevated towards Perfection, the Light, Spirit, God, whatever term resonates with you. This increasing enlightenment, moving upwards towards Perfection/Light/Spirit/God, can only occur via growth or growth spurts.

This growth can occur through prayer, meditation and other avenues towards enlightenment, however, the karmic nature of The Law of Cause and Effect and consequential action resulting therefrom is where the growth spurts emanate.

These karmic events come from past/parallel lives as well as consequences of thought, words, deeds and action in this lifetime.

Your Spirit-based decision to return as a Soul in a physical body in this lifetime was based on your electing to return to the physical plane you know as earth to encounter an experience, or experiences, to balance your Soul, and your Soul Groups, karmic journey towards enlightenment.

You, and the members of your Soul Group, are all pure Spirit, unblemished in your spiritual purity. You are all enacting a play in the physical, acting out your pre-arranged roles so that the physical bodies you have chosen to inhabit can experience certain pre-arranged events and experience the feelings attached to these events and experiences. Yes, you are experiencing the experience via your feelings because feelings are the language of your Soul.

Wow, that remembrance must have been a bit earth shattering for you!

It probably shattered your perception of earth, Soul contracts, growth, growth spurts, karma, life, death and many other aspects.

However, it is time for you to remember. We have always said, We do not judge. If you could see The Bigger Picture We can see you will see you are being given everything you need (not want!) exactly when you need it. However, you also have free will. If you choose not to accept the opportunity to grow now there will be other opportunities in this, and other, lifetimes.

What you are being given is what you need for your growth and preparing you for your growth spurt and ultimately your increasing enlightenment.

There is no such thing as good and bad when looked at from the viewpoint of The Bigger Picture but more of that in a subsequent lesson.

You and others in your Soul Group elected to wear different masks and costumes in enacting this play in the physical. Some wear the unpopular physical roles of murderers, rapists, criminals, paedophiles, robbers, abusers, intolerant dictators, etc., etc., etc. Some chose the more popular roles of famous singers, dancers, actors, sports heroes, famous political leaders, nice teachers, good moms, wonderful children, etc., etc., etc. Some chose the roles requiring pity, sympathy, empathy such as victims, injured, maimed, crippled, mentally handicapped, beggars, impoverished, homeless, destitute, pathetic, etc., etc., etc.

None of this is real. All is an illusion. This physical plane you know as earth is simply a large area full of play theatres where Soul Groups are enacting out, in the physical, agreed to roles to enable Souls and Soul Groups to experience growth and growth spurts to attain greater enlightenment by experiencing karmic balancing.

And you thought this life was tough. It’s all a game! Lighten up, enjoy yourself, laugh more, have more fun, make more friends, love more.

The real world is in Spirit, the earth plane is an illusion, it’s a playground. If you can now realize that you chose everyone and everything in your environment, for your growth, you will then realize that you chose your difficult parent, your loving parent, your quarrelling siblings, your wonderful sibling, your spouse, your children, your friends, your school, your work, your play, your neighbourhood, your life.

Now it is time to accept and surrender to the fact that you have been, and are being given, everything you need in every present moment of Now for your growth towards enlightenment. Do not judge it good or bad rather look at everything that occurs as an opportunity for the growth of your Soul towards enlightenment.

Ask yourself How can I grow from this experience right now?

Some formulae for growth include an attitude of gratitude for what occurs. To say What Would Love Do Now?, to learn to Trust the Process to unfold as it should, to stay in the Now, to be Love in every present moment of Now.

As events unfold from this moment on you can now be conscious of the opportunities being presented to you for your Souls growth towards enlightenment.

Trust the Process, Stay in the Now and Be Love (Lessons 46, 47 and 48 of The Book of Evolving Relationships from Guidespeak.com)

Now decide if you wish to remain a Victim in your unconscious or to become a Victor in the conscious knowledge of your lifers true journey towards the Light/Spirit/God.

Enjoy your journey this lifetime now that you start to remember what you are doing here. Grow towards the Light in enlightenment of your Soul.

Enjoy your journey by Being Love always and all ways.

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