11. Mother’s Day – You Choose Your Mother At Soul Level

In the act of passion,
In the act of love,
Against all odds,
A miracle occurs,
One sperm out of a million survives,
and manages to fertilize an egg,
the miracle of childbirth begins,

For nine months another human being is growing inside a woman.
Centimeter by centimeter,
Inch by inch,
this human being evolves and develops.

After nine months the miracle of childbirth occurs.
Now there is no longer a woman,
The woman has evolved and developed as well
She has become a Mother.

From this moment on she is not alone
She has become MyOTHER
And should she have more children
Then she becomes MyOTHERS.

The love, the responsibility, the giving,
the receiving, the caring, the sharing
of one or more others coming from
My Other.

My Other – That part of me I take for granted

My Other – That part of me that I admire in silence

My Other – That part of me that I love without acknowledging

My Other – That part of me I pledge not to ignore my true feelings for anymore

My Other – Who knows if we will be together this time next year to celebrate Mother’s Day

My Other – I now want to be worthy to be your child

My Other – No more will I take your love, caring and guidance for granted, as a right – it is a privilege to have you as a mother

My Other – I shared your body, you fed me, we have the same blood, everything I have came from you.

My Other – It is time to rejoin our Souls together as our bodies were joined together at the beginning.

My Other – Please accept the love I have inside of me for you

My Other – Please forgive me for not expressing my love for you at every present moment of now

My Other – Please open your arms and hold me tight

My Other – Please let me love you again

My Other – Thank you for always loving me

Have a wonderful (Full of Wonder) My Other’s Day

I love you My Other!

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