1. Inner Peace Is Your Birthright

Inner Peace is your birthright. It is Who You Really Are.
You are a Part of God. You are pure Love. God is Love. God is Peace.
You are Love. You are Peace.
Inner Peace is your birthright eternally.
You are Inner Peace.

For you to be Who You Really Are a Part of God you have to have a vision of God.

To be a Part of Something you have to see that Thing so that you can see yourself, really see yourself, as part of that Thing.

Because God is All There Is, a Oneness, God is Everything. So whatever you see God as is what God is.

Some people see God in their child. Some see God in the face of their lover. Some see God in a flower, some on a crucifix, some as a statue of Buddha, some as an old man with a beard on a cloud. Some as a man. Some as a woman. Some in an ant. Some in a giant redwood tree.

Some people see God in themselves. These are perhaps the fortunate ones. Some people see themselves in God. These are the ones who have remembered Who They Really Are a Part of God.

But for God to be God you must have a vision, a feeling, a something, to feel a part of.

For you to become, again, the inner peace that you really are, and always will be, you have to envisage yourself to be a Part of God. First, you have to keep a vision of God within your inner sight, to then see yourself as a part of that Vision.

Once you have that vision, or feeling, and once you can envisage the part of God that you really are through your inner sight, then you will know, once again, Inner Peace.

Inner Peace is Who You Really Are, to find Inner Peace, you simply have to become Who You Really Are the Part of God that you are.

God is Love, God is Peace. You are Love, you are Peace.

Welcome home into the loving arms of God.
Welcome home My child where have you been? What did you become? Were you happy when you were that, where you were?

Did you remember that you are love always and all ways?

Did you remember that you are Inner Peace always and all ways?

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